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Little, Brown and Co. have given CBR News an exclusive look at the Wonder Woman themed trailer for their upcoming "DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book," which will be released in fall 2010. In it, the book's designer Matther Reinhart discusses the processes behind adding the Amazonian princess to the book, both technical and otherwise, while giving hints at other characters included in the book.

Official Press Release

Little, Brown and Co. has acquired world rights to DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, a stunning new DC Comics pop-up book by master paper engineer and avid DC Comics fan, Matthew Reinhart, it was announced today by Liza Baker, the acquiring editor and the division's Editor-in-Chief. Creator of ten New York Times bestselling pop-up titles, including Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Universe, Reinhart's latest innovation celebrates the history, heroes, and villains of the DC Universe in a spectacular 3-D experience that coincides with the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics. With a one-day laydown of October 5, 2010 and a 200,000-copy announced first printing, this $29.99 deluxe edition is sure to impress long-time DC Comics fans while introducing new generations to the epic adventures of everyone's favorite super heroes.

Starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many more beloved characters, DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book is a supreme exploration that bursts with over 25 impressive pop-ups. Each vibrant spread - illustrated by renowned DC Comics artists including Freddie E Williams II, Aaron Lopresti and Scott McDaniel - is brought to striking 3-D life, resulting in an absolute must-have for DC Super Hero fans of all ages.

Reinhart features a variety of unique novelty elements in DC Super Heroes, including a light-up Bat-Signal and a show-stopping final spread that features the most characters Reinhart has ever included in any one pop-up. Of his involvement with DC Comics, Matthew states, "My love for all things DC started in the 1970s and continued into adulthood. When offered the opportunity to bring my favorite super heroes to life on moving paper, I jumped at the chance to delve even deeper into the rich, twisted mythos of the DC Universe, whose super heroes have permeated our culture so thoroughly over the last 75 years."

DC Comics' 75th Anniversary is the core of a multi-faceted, yearlong line up of activities and licensing programs which include "DC 75" branded toys, shoes, apparel and stationery, among others. Little, Brown and Co. joins the 75th Anniversary celebration this summer in promoting Reinhart's latest pop-up creation at BookExpo America and San Diego Comic-Con. Extensive advertising initiatives will follow via comics websites, blogs, and social networks. Little, Brown and Co. will also offer 250 deluxe limited cloth editions of DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, which will include a slipcase, an exclusive additional pop-up spread, and will be signed by author Matthew Reinhart - a must-have collector's item for any DC Comics or Matthew Reinhart library.

"The best part about producing this book has been the collaboration between the comic book artists and Matthew Reinhart," said John Morgan, DC Comics Editor, Licensed Publishing. "Working closely with our talented team, Matthew transformed 2-D comics art into 3-D pop-ups that showcase dynamic poses and crazy perspectives. This is a really unique and striking book that's also incredibly true to DC's characters and comics."

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