Video #1, the debut comic from Lost in the Dark Press, debuts at the APE

Official Press Release

San Francisco- Lost in the Dark Press is proud to announce the release of their inaugural title, "Video." The first issue will be available at the Lost in the Dark Press table, at a cover price of $2.95. "Video" is a 22-pg black and white comic, written and drawn by Stephen R. Buell. "Video" marks Buell's first foray into comics.

"Jesus' return is big ratings; most disasters are."

-Keisha Bellsen, "Video.#1

"Video" takes a look at the Second Coming; how a group of friends are affected when they are abandoned as "non-believers," left behind in a world without a God or a fully-staffed Wal-Mart. Plenty of dark comedy and drama packed into a story about abandonment, faith, and gas masks.

A full-color, 9-page preview of the first issue is provided on the publisher's website, www.lostinthedark.com, as is biographical information on both Buell and co-publisher, Jeffrey Davidson, as well as information on upcoming projects from Lost in the Dark. The website also features sketchbook artwork from Buell, and a weekly online comic strip. Both Buell and Davidson will be present at APE. The first issue of "Video" will also be available for purchase through the website after February 22, 2004.

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