Vic Mignogna Removed from Rooster Teeth's RWBY Amid Misconduct Claims

Production company Rooster Teeth today announced that voice actor Vic Mignogna has been removed from its anime series RWBY following allegations of sexual misconduct. The company also announced that it is ending all associations with Mignogna.

The move comes amid reports that Mignogna had kissed and touched convention attendees without their consent on numerous occasions, according to Anime News Network. The allegations of misconduct go as far back as 2008, with photographic evidence to corroborate said claims.

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Mignogna is known for voicing the character Qrow Branwen on RWBY. Rooster Teeth did not immediately reveal if the character will be written out of the show or if a new voice actor will take on the role.

Prior to his role on RWBY, Mignogna gained notoriety for voicing Edward Elric on Fullmetal Alchemist. More recently, he voiced the English dub for Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which is presently in theaters.

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Since the misconduct allegations surfaced, several conventions have dropped Mignogna. At the time of reporting, only five of 18 conventions to have scheduled the voice actor for appearances this year have retained him.

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