10 Things Marvel Fans Never Knew About Vibranium

The Marvel Universe is home to many miraculous metal alloys that laugh in the faces of physics, logic, and reason. Vibranium and Adamantium are two of the most famous examples that come to mind, but this article's about the former.

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Vibranium's used in all sorts of creative ways by numerous heroes and villains. Black Panther and Captain America rely on this semi-mystical metal the most - with T'Challa integrating VB in his suits, vehicles, weapons, and magic. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the comics or an MCU enthusiast, we imagine you have questions regarding just how the Hell VB works? We'll sate your curiosity as best we can and also provide real-world comparisons to VB down below.

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10 Earth Has At Least Five Different Types Of VB


Indeed, Vibranium makes up both Captain America's Shield and most of the Black Panther's arsenal. But that doesn't mean that both of these heroes are using the exact same kind of VB. Naturally, T'Challa uses Wakandan VB - a variant that absorbs kinetic energy, as we saw in Black Panther's film. Cap's Shield, on the other hand, consists of a unique VB-Iron alloy created by one Dr. Myron MacLain.

Other variants of Vibranium include Antarctic VB (aka Anti-Metal,) Reverbium, and Living VB. Each variant possesses unique qualities - Living VB is sentient, Anti-Metal can morph other alloys and Reverbium essentially performs a Force Push on would-be attackers.

9 One Can Use It To Perform Electrolysis

For those who don't know, electrolysis is a rudimentary molecular process that scientists use to spark specific chemical reactions. Using an electric current, one can separate water back into oxygen and hydrogen. In our world, we also use electrolysis to remove unwanted patches of hair. In the Marvel Universe, Vibranium can act as a catalyst for electrolysis.

Black Panther demonstrated as much when he faced off against Hydro-Man, a villain made entirely of water. Using a positively charged dagger and one of his negatively charged boots, T'Challa reduced Hydro to his most base elements! The scientific accuracy of this battle is closer to home than usual.

8 Vibranium Can Cushion Deadly Falls

On the other end of the scientific accuracy scale, we present this mind-boggling factoid; Vibranium can cushion 50-foot drops from the sky without incident to its users! If you're wearing shoes made of VB, you can hop out of a skyscraper and land without feeling a thing. If you've got a super-sized VB frisbee on deck like Cap, you can curl up in a ball and do the same thing!

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Considering that gravity and inertia are what make steep falls deadly from the get-go, we can only assume that Vibrainum can play around with one's center of mass. But that theory only begs more questions than it answers.

7 Vehicles Made Of VB Aren't Affected By EMP's

Blackouts suck, there are no two ways about it. One minute, you're watching TV with your AC blaring and your speakers bumping. The next, you're sitting in a pitch-black room as everyone in your block sighs in collective frustration. Now imagine that scenario, but on a city-wide scale that also affects any land, air, or sea-based vehicles. That's an Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP, in a nutshell.

EMP's are one of the most devastating weapons used in modern warfare that aren't explicitly lethal. Jets, tanks, and satellite arrays can all get bricked by EMP's like a faulty iPhone. That is unless those vehicles contain sufficient amounts of Vibranium. In the Marvel Universe, vehicles made of or lined with VB can resist EMP's without incident. Virtually all of Wakanda's vehicles fit that bill.

6 Doctor Doom Once Used It To Control Earth's Biosphere

Wakandans pride themselves on their mastery of Vibranium; no one else the world over knows how to use VB as extensively as T'Challa's people. That is to say, no other nation can rival their expertise. Though he's one man, Victor von Doom is just as proficient with VB as most of Wakanda's brightest minds.

He proved as much when he once used trace amounts of Vibranium to magically control the Earth's biosphere! During that same time, Doom also infected Waknada's populace with VB nanites - allowing him to control the masses as well. T'Challa had to think on his toes to thwart Doom's scheme, as you'll see further ahead.

5 The Black Panther Can Sense VB

Unbeknownst to the common man, anyone who dons the Black Panther mantle can instinctively sense Vibranium. T'Challa states that the heart-shaped herb all Black Panthers consume links the leaders of Wakanda to VB. If anyone tried to steal VB from under a Black Panther's nose, they wouldn't get far before the 'Great Cat' caught up to them.

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T'Challa's refined senses came in handy when Doom put his plot into action. The Black Panther managed to stay one step ahead of the Doctor thanks to his link with VB. When Doom made a suit comprised of VB, T'Challa didn't have to spend much time trying to find him.

4 And Nullify It With 'Shadow Physics'

Though the Black Panther heavily relies on Vibranium weapons, tools, and armors, he's not dependant on it. As with all great warriors, T'Challa's most valuable asset is his mind - which he's sharpened to razor's edge over the years. Easily among the Marvel Universe's smartest characters, the Black Panther possesses just as much ingenuity as the likes of Tony Stark or Reed Richards.

Case in point; T'Challa pioneered an entire field of science called 'Shadow Physics.' By combining ancient magic with quantum physics, T'Challa can perform a myriad of impossible feats! To checkmate Doom and his Vibranium armor, T'Challa used Shadow Physics to nullify Doom's VB armor. It didn't take long for T'Challa, Storm, and a group of other heroes to shut Doom down afterward.

3 A Few Of Hawkeye's Arrows Contain VB

Hawkeye by David Aja

Never sleep on Clint. A lot of people like to try and reduce Hawkeye's significance as a hero, but he's the real deal in our eyes. Clint never misses and manages to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with genuine gods and monsters! Never one to grow complacent, Clint isn't afraid to incorporate bleeding-edge pieces of tech in his arsenal.

For instance, Hawkeye always carries around a few arrows made of Vibraium and Adamantium to level the playing field. Small quantities of either metal are strong enough to take out tanks and other military-grade vehicles. In the hands of a man who never misses, VB arrows are game-changers on the battlefield.

2 Pure Vibranium Is Worth 10K Per Gram

In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda is the most prosperous kingdom in the entire world. We all know this, right? After all, the Black Panther film did a good enough job getting that point across - what with the hover ships and that dope suit T'Challa wore to the UN meeting. But once you learn just how wealthy Wakanda is, you might trip out!

Okay, so one gram of Vibranium is worth 10 thousand dollars USD. For context, one gram of gold is only worth about 48 dollars! The US' economy is still based-on gold in the Marvel Universe, making Wakanda an economic juggernaut in comparison.

1 Adamantium's Harder and Denser, But Less Durable Than VB

Wolverine Adamantium Skeleton

Adamantium's about the only other Marvel metal that's as popular as Vibranium is. Popularized by Wolverine, Adamantium is one of the most potent materials in the Marvel Universe. Heavy hitters like the Hulk, Juggernaut, and Colossus often strain themselves trying to dent large quantities of AD. Thanks to his Adamantium skeleton, Wolverine's been able to trade blows with heavyweights and remain in one piece!

So how does Amantium stack up to Vibranium? Well, AD is very heavy and dense - much more so than VB. However, VB is more durable than AD by a mile! AD also can't so much as dent Cap's Shield, while Wakandan VB can claw through it with enough force and time.

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