Veteran Comics Creators Join Narwain's Creative Ranks

Official Press Release

Narwain continues to close deals with some of the top creative talents in the U.S. comic industry. Dick Giordano, Dave Simons, Brian Augustyn and Tom Mandrake are the latest creators enlisted to bring exciting new comics to the worldwide audience.

"Narwain already had a roster to be proud of with such names as Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Tucci, Takeshi Miyazawa, Wayne Robinson, Rick Leonardi, Joe Rubinstein," said publisher Mr. Mauro Di Pede. "Adding amazing veteran creators like Dick Giordano, Dave Simons, Brian Augustyn and Tom Mandrake, allows me to confidently declare that Narwain's staff is ramped up and ready to produce a tremendous output of high-quality comics for the readers."

DC Comics staples Dick Giordano and Joe Rubinstein join writer Dario Maria Gulli ("Wall After Wall") on the one-shot graphic novel "Hollywood Noir". Hollywood's horror movies provide the backdrop to this story of murder, obsession and sex in a corrupt Los Angeles.

"Liz" is a three-issue miniseries by longtime artist Dave Simons who has drawn everything from "Spider-Man" to "Howard the Duck" to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to "Courage the Cowardly Dog". He and writer Philip Osbourne ("Jenna") tell the story of a charming, sensitive woman who runs a paranormal investigation agency…that is when she's not paying the bills with her night job as a stripper. "Liz" is a horror book with more twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie.

Writer Brian Augustyn ("The Flash", "Crimson") and artist Tom Mandrake ("JSA", "The Forest King") are hard at work on "Un-Human", a six-issue mini-series. In this sci-fi action story Andrew Cassidy discovers that he isn't the man he thought he is. In fact, he might not be human at all.

"We've been working hard to demonstrate our commitment to bringing quality books to an international audience. The vote of confidence from these creative teams tells us we are doing something right," Di Pede continued. "I do hope readers will continue supporting us. Narwain aims to stay true to its motto: 'readers' satisfaction is our mission'. Hopefully other important writers and pencilers will be inspired to join our family.... and our mission to create great books."

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