Very Important Fumi Yoshinaga NEWS!

via one of my Fumi Yoshinaga livejournal communities, it looks as though VIZ (whoa, really????) has licensed Ooku according to Simon & Schuster page here.  At the 12.99 price point this means that Ooku will probably be placed in the Signature imprint.

This is really quite amazing and hints that Viz really is working to be known as more than just the North American distributor of Naruto.  (Only DMP and Tokyopop had licensed Yoshinaga works up to this point, but wow.  What a title to start with).

There is so much joy in this I feel Christmas has come early to this manga fan.

ETA: It looks as though Michelle Smith was the original sleuth who dug up this information -- more titles can be found at the thread she started at AoD here.  There are some really cool titles coming out next summer -- even just skimming the list, I'm impressed by the variety included here.

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