Very cool: digital sculptures by Avinash Hegde

Just spotted this via the blog at the Art of Simon Bisley fansite: Sculptor Avinash Hegde now has a Behance gallery. It still has a long way to go before it catches up with the cornucopia of delights that is his DeviantArt page, mind you. His work-in-progress of a Batman sculpt based on Simon Bisley's work really captures the Biz's style to a tee.  It is however, extremely pointy, and should only be handled while wearing safety goggles.

Obviously, privately commissioning Avi is now the best way to make your submission to Robot 6's Shelf Porn Saturday stand out. We're becoming extremely jaded with just straight-up shelves of DC Direct products and off-the-peg action figures. If I had the money, I'd be throwing all kinds of crazy work this guy's way, just for the hell of it: Kid Miracleman with a girder sticking out his chest, Dmitri-9 from The Filth, a model of The Shadow based on Bill Sienkiewicz's designs, all sorts. A boy can dream.

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