Vertigo's Marquee Sneak Peek

While most of the country is settling in for a long winter's nap, Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger apparently chose to wrap the week before the Christmas holiday giving early gifts. Over on the DC imprint's Graphic Content blog, Berger unveiled the cover to two of the more high profile releases of 2010 - "Greendale," a graphic novel by Joshua Dysart and Cliff Chang inspired by the 2003 Neil Young album of the same name, and "American Vampire" Scott Snyder's new horror ongoing drawn by Rafael Albuquerque with an opening special story arc written by Stephen King.

"One of the many awesome things about Neil Young is that he wanted Vertigo to further explore the lives of Sun and the mysterious Green family women who are unlike any other relatives you've known," Berger said of the characters drawn from the singer's music before unveiling a Young-inspired character named The Man in the Red:

Similarly, the "American Vampire" reveal came with a few choice pieces of interior character art, some of which we share below, but the rest of which can be seen at Graphic Content - and you don't even have to wait until tomorrow morning!

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