Vertigo's "Collider" Now Titled "FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics"

Recently debuted Vertigo sci-fi series "Collider" is getting a new title, with the book now called "FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics."

MTV Geek reported on Monday that the name change is effective as of issue #2, scheduled for release later on Aug. 28. Series writer Simon Oliver confirmed to CBR News that the shift was due to an unnamed outside party asserting a legal claim on the title "Collider."

"The first issue's printed and being loaded on the trucks and we get a call from legal to tell us that someone else, on the other side of the globe says that they have creative dibs on the name 'Collider' and we have to change our title," Oliver said.

"I'm sure their book is great (I actually know pretty much zero about it and have stayed well clear of even Googling it), they must have their reasons to do what they did, and more power to them," Oliver continued. "I like to think the world's big enough for two books with the same name but from what I've been told are very different premises. Would I have done the same? I don't know."

Oliver said that while he's not "overjoyed" with having to make the alteration, he's satisfied with the new title, which refers to the organization employing the book's lead character, Adam Hardy.

"I was happy with 'Collider,' and I'm just as happy with 'FBP,'" the writer said. "It's a concept that's been there since the beginning of the book, was kind of built in, and something that people involved in the project always gravitated towards, so it's an easy switch, that will minimize confusion."

Each issue through October's #4 were solicited under the original title of "Collider," with November's solicitations, to be released Monday afternoon, reflecting the change. According to Oliver, the book will ultimately remain the same despite having a different title on the cover.

"Bottom line is, same book, same team, same great taste, different title."

"Collider," illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez, debuted in late July. Oliver told MTV Geek that a reprint of "Collider" #1 will also display the new title of "FBP."

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