Vertigo writers band together to promote "Standard Attrition"

Official Press Release

Jason Aaron (Scalped), Brian Wood (DMZ), Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets), Cliff Chiang (Human Target), David Lapham (Young Liars), Jock (Faker, Hellblazer), and G. Willow Wilson (Air, Cairo) formally announce the formation of a group blog and forum at www.standardattrition.com.

The Vertigo septet also plan on live-blogging from the San Diego Comic- Con, from panels and signings, after hours events and while on booth duty. "We all have access to post from our phones and laptops", Brian Wood said. "Not sure exactly how that will play out, but it'll be fun for us at the very least. I also can't get the phrase "slow motion train wreck' out of my head."

Standard Attrition was the brainchild of Scalped creator Jason Aaron, who decided to expand his own message board to include space for like- minded creators. "We were already friends and already had tremendous respect for one another's work," Aaron said. "Now with us live- blogging all next week from the con, we may learn more about each other than we ever wanted to know."

The group blog is currently live with content to be added every day.

Visit the Standard Attrition blog at www.standardattrition.com and the forum at www.standardattrition.org

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