Vertigo Showcases "Time Warp" Anthology Art

Since its debut in 1979 -- and lasting a scant five issues -- most comic book readers have forgotten the "Time Warp" sci-fi anthology series published by DC Comics. That's all about to change when Vertigo revives the project this March with an all-star lineup of creators. Announced in December, this marks the fourth long-defunct anthology revival by DC and follows in the footsteps of "Strange Adventures," "Ghosts" and this month's "Young Romance."

CBR News previously spoke with contributors Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire who are collaborating on a Rip Hunter story in the 80-page one-shot. Though Lindelof was initially unfamiliar with the time master who first appeared in "Showcase" #20 in 1959, the writer said working on more obscure characters allows you to "[come] up with an entirely new angle to basically say, 'This character actually deserves your attention.'" Adding, "But the challenge for us to do that in eight pages is pretty exciting."

"It's the same reason I much prefer doing books like 'Animal Man' or Rip Hunter than getting a chance to write Batman or Superman, because it's just so much more open," Lemire agreed. "You can't really change [the big characters] too much at this point. You can add a little bit here and there, but the basic core has to stay."

The book's creative team is filled with heavy hitters including Lindelof and Lemire, Peter Milligan, Gail Simone, Dan Abnett, Mark Buckingham, Tom Fowler and more, in addition to covers by Eduardo Risso and Jae Lee. Today Vertigo provided the first look at interior pages featuring art by I.N.J. Culbard, Andy MacDonald, Matt Kindt and Lemire.

"Time Warp" #1 is on sale March 20.

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