Vertigo Writer Receives Veiled Death Threats Ahead of SDCC Appearance

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Comic-Con International in San Diego is a place where fans from all across the world gather to share their love of all things pop-culture, from comic books to movies to video games, etc. However, some fans, sadly, choose to share hate instead, as evidenced by a social media post from Border Town writer Eric M. Esquivel.

"I woke up to death threats ('We're not sending I.C.E. to Comic Con, we're sending exterminators')," Esquivel's tweet reads. Even in the face of verbal assault, though, the writer remained positive, instead choosing to focus on the joy of holding the first issue of his and artist Ramon Villalobos' soon-to-be-released Border Town in his hands.

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Esquivel, a Latino born in the United States, has an impressive resume that includes stints on FreelancersAdventure Time and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the G.I. Joe novella Storm Shadow: 21st Century Boy. In June, when DC Comics announced the complete relaunch of its Vertigo imprint, it was revealed that Esquivel and Villalobos would launch the title Border Town, which tells the story of a crack in the border between worlds that causes monsters of Mexican folklore to spill out into the tiny town of Devil’s Fork, Arizona.

Border Town #1, by Eric M. Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos, goes on sale September 5.

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