Vertigo Editor Karen Berger Reacts to DC Retiring the Imprint

DC Comics announced earlier this week that it was shuttering its acclaimed Vertigo imprint to consolidate its titles under a single, recognizable brand.

In response to the news, longtime Vertigo executive editor Karen Berger has shared her reaction, decrying the combination of corporate thinking and creative risk-taking, while thanking her collaborators in launching the groundbreaking imprint.

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After her success in serving as editor of Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing and Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Berger launched Vertigo in 1993, grandfathering in the two titles as well as other mature titles originally published by DC, while ushering in new groundbreaking series from acclaimed comic book creators. Berger announced in 2012 that she would be stepping down as Vertigo executive editor and senior vice president, transitioning her duties to a new editorial team before leaving DC in March 2013.

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Berger would launch her own imprint through Dark Horse Comics in February 2017, named Berger Books, similarly featuring a line of high-profile creative teams telling innovative comic book stories, continuing to this day.

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Meanwhile, DC has assured readers that it will continue to publish stories featuring more mature content under the DC Comics brand directly.

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