Vertigo announces <i>Hellblazer</i> miniseries by Spencer and Murphy

Ahead of its October solicitations, released this afternoon, Vertigo has announced a five-issue Hellblazer miniseries by Si Spencer (Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, The Vinyl Underground) and Sean Murphy (Joe the Barbarian, Off Road).

Called John Constantine: Hellblazer -- City of Demons, the hard-living magician is run over by a truck. After a few weeks of hospital rehabilitation, "Constantine finds the London streets very different from when he left them behind as a series of occult murders and mutilations demands his attention. The common denominator points back to the ER where he was admitted ..."

The first issue is set to debut on Oct. 13, followed two weeks later by the second.

City of Demons marks Murphy's return to Constantine. He previously illustrated the "Newcastle Calling" story, written by Jason Aaron, in 2008's Hellblazer #245-246. The character also played a supporting role in Spencer's short-lived Books of Magick.

According to Murphy's DeviantART account, the art for City of Demons will be nearly two years old by the time the miniseries debuts. "Am I upset?" he wrote. "Yep." You can view some of Murphy's cover sketches for the series here.

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