Vertigo Announces "Fables Encyclopedia," "Fairest: In All the Land" OGN

Announced today via Pop Candy, Vertigo plans to expand Bill Willingham's Fables universe later this year with the release of two new projects, including a hardcover OGN featuring a number of short stories written by Willingham himself.


Deluxe Edition hardcover volume devoted to the characters you've grown to love in Bill Willingham's FABLES mythos. Compiled by noted scholar Jess Nevins, each entry will include the character's historical origin and Fables reinvention as well as first appearances and whimsical antidotes from creator Bill Willingham and regular series artist Mark Buckingham. The book will feature a wraparound cover by Adam Hughes.


This hardcover will feature short stories written by Bill Willingham, told through the Magic Mirror (think FABLES: 1001 Nights of Snowfall) illustrated by some the finest artists in comics, including Adam Hughes, Chrissie Zullo, Mark Chiarello, Karl Kerschl and more! The book will feature a yet to be revealed wraparound cover by Adam Hughes.

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