Kristen Bell Tells Fans to Brace for a 'Darker' Veronica Mars

Marshmallows, beware! When the Veronica Mars revival hits Hulu, it'll be a much darker take than the previous series.

In a new interview with Sirius XM, actress Kristen Bell briefly discussed the upcoming Hulu series and how it'll differ from the original series. According to Bell, the tone of the revival will be much "darker" and will feature a much "bigger world" than the one featured on the UPN and CW seasons.

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"It’s gonna to be a much darker world," said Bell. "It’s going to be a bigger world. It’s definitely not going to be what we did on UPN or The CW, so I want to brace fans for that. That it’s going to be darker and bigger and more cinematic and definitely a little bit different."

It's worth noting that, with the main creative team still involved, the changes to Veronica Mars more than likely won't be entirely too drastic. In fact, Bell's words seem to imply moving the series from network television to a streaming platform is more or less allowing them more creative freedom, which will result in "darker" stories than we've previously seen tackled by the show's hero. Given that, like with the film, Veronica is in a much different place than she was during the original series, it's understandable that her world would expand and allow for a much different take.

While discussing the revival, Bell also talked about how fans have viewed Veronica Mars as a hero of sorts -- one that has often helped them to get through tough times. For Bell, it's one of the main reasons she's continued to revisit the role since the series initially ended.

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"I love that Veronica is a superhero without a cape," she said. "I love that people have looked to her in times that they were down in their life, and felt like she was fighting for them. It was a resonant show for people because... kids still come up to me and are like 'I got through high school watching that show.'"

The new season will follow Veronica Mars during her investigation of a serial killer targeting people during spring break. The eight-episode season will focus entirely on this mystery. The revival is expected to begin production in October and film through March ahead of an anticipated 2019 premiere on Hulu.

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