Verily: Kenneth Branagh in Talks To Tackle "Thor"

According to Variety, Marvel Studios has entered into negotiations with director Kenneth Branagh to helm the adventures of their Asgardian hero. No distributor has been chosen for the self-financed project.

This could be seen as an unusual choice by Marvel's Kevin Feige, seeing as the last action work Branagh did was 1989's blood-soaked "Henry the Fifth," but is actually a fairly common theme based on the choices of Jon Favreau for "Iron Man," Christopher Nolan's success with the Batman franchise and Gavin Hood's upcoming "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Branagh's not the first name attached to this project, as director Matthew Vaughan was long considered the man to bring this project to the silver screen. He turned in a script that gave the studio budgetary heebie jeebies. Vaughan eventually fell from favor, leaving the door open to new possibilities. The fact that negotiations were reported in a trade publication of this caliber is a sign that Branagh's a serious contender, but until the credits roll, nothing is set in uru stone.

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