Ventimiglia, Holt & More Join Donald Glover On "Ultimate Spider-Man"

Donald Glover isn't the only actor joining Disney XD's Spider-Verse episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man." Nor is Miles Morales the only Spidey showing up.

Today, Marvel announced that in addition to the "Community" star's take on comics Ultimate Spider-Man, the new "Web Warriors" season of the animated show will welcome Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes") as Spider-Man Noir, Olivia Holt (Disney's "Kickin' It") as Spider-Girl, voice actor Ben Diskin as Spectacular Spider-Ham Peter Porker and Christopher Daniel Barnes -- the voice of the '90s "Spider-Man" animated series -- as a character called Spyder-Knight.

In addition, the Spider-Verse episodes will incorporate a nemesis for Spider-Girl -- a Norma Osborn -- as played by comic actress Wendie Malick.

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The expanded cast marks a few returns to the Marvel Universe. Ventimiglia previously voiced Wolverine in the anime series that ran on G4, and aside from his original Spidey run, Barnes also voiced multiple webheads in the recent "Edge of Time" and "Shattered Dimensions" video games.

"Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors" airs Sundays at 9 a.m. ET/PR on Disney XD.

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