Venomverse: Marvel Reveals First Look At, Details About Event's Story


After Marvel Comics fans have taken a trip to the Edge of Venomverse in the upcoming months, writer Cullen Bunn will welcome them to the world of Venomverse-proper.

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Following the conclusion of the Edge of Venomverse anthology miniseries in August, Venomverse will launch in September, according to an announcement made via Nerdist. Labeled "the biggest Venom story of all time" by editor Devin Lewis, the series is designed to bring Eddie Brock back to the forefront of the Spider-Man universe, though whether it's as a hero, villain or something else entirely isn't 100% clear.

"Eddie’s not a hero, but he is the Venom that’s most needed at this moment," Bunn said of the story's main protagonist. "This story will show why he’s the best Venom that there is."

"Best Venom" is the key phrase, because there will be a plethora of symbiote-bonded heroes and villains involved in the Venomverse storyline, Rocket Raccoon, Gwenpool, Old Man Logan and Black Panther among them. Deadpool will also find himself Venomized, along with Ghost Rider, both of whom will factor heavily into the plot, Bunn and Lewis teased. "Deadpool is one of our main venomized protagonists," Lewis said. "He’s got so much heart and he’s also a source of unpredictability, insanity, and goofiness."

Some new characters will be introduced throughout the event as well, including Pork Grind, the Venom from Spider-Ham's home dimension. "[S]omething that I’ve always found important–is how the Venom symbiote interacts with other hosts," Bunn said of his inspiration for the various characters who will find themselves Venomized throughout the story. "What’s really exciting is that we get to see this with characters you’d never expect, like Black Panther, Mary Jane, and Old Man Logan."

The series will feature five interlocking covers by Clayton Crain, whose work is an homage to Gabriele Dell'Otto's painting depicting the multi-dimensional cast of 2014's Spider-Verse event.

In addition to the legion of symbiote-bonded Venoms, the series will introduce an entirely new race of aliens to the Marvel Universe: the Poisons, aka "nature’s answer to the symbiotes.” Based on character designs by Ed McGuinness, the Poisons will be a major aspect of the Venomverse conflict.

Ed McGuinness' design for Venomverse's Poison-possessed Hulk.

In addition to the main Venomverse series, which will be crafted as a standalone tale, Marvel will release a second anthology series, Venomverse: War Stories, which will offer other creators the chance to further play in the Venomverse toy box a la the Edge of Venomverse prelude series. Declan Shalvey, for example, is creating a story for the supporting miniseries starring the Venomized Punisher.

Venomverse, written by Cullen Bunn and an artist to be announced, with covers by Clayton Crain, arrives in September.

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