Venom's New Child Bonds With Its First Host, Manifests Unique Powers

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Venom: First Host #3, by Mike Costa, Mark Bagley, Ron Lim, Andrew Hennessy, Scott Hanna, Dono Sanchez-Almara and Clayton Cowles, out now.

Venom: First Host has tackled the history of everyone’s favorite symbiote in ways we’ve not seen before. In the first few issues of the miniseries, we've learned that the first being to become bonded to the Klyntar symbiote known as Venom wasn’t Peter Parker at all, but a Kree warrior called Tel-Kar. And when he comes to Earth to rejoin with his long-lost partner, things do not go well for its current host, Eddie Brock. It does, however, lead to some interesting revelations about the symbiote’s, well, baby.

This spawn of Venom isn’t the first time the symbiote has had a child, of course. Carnage was the first that we know of, a force of destruction who was created when the Venom symbiote, which lay dormant in Eddie’s bloodstream at the time, left behind a piece of itself that bonded with the psychopathic murderer Cletus Kasady. Shortly afterward, Eddie was kidnapped and the Venom symbiote was forced to spawn five more children by the sinister Life Foundation, a secret society that planned for the inevitable apocalypse by organizing a utopian society, which they wanted Klyntar to act as security for. They spawned the symbiotes known as Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Scream.

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Recently, in the ongoing Venom series, the former Lethal Protector has been dealing with the Klyntar God returned to reclaim all its children (aka every symbiote). But before that, in the previous Venom series, Eddie Brock had to deal with the symbiote giving birth yet again. A new symbiote was spawned from his suit and, to keep it safe, has been kept hidden away at Alechemax under the care of Liz Allen. Liz has promised to keep the "child" safe in exchange for the unique opportunity to experiment (non-invasively, of course) on it. Venom: First Host picks up on that plot thread, which in turn leads to the events of issue #3.

Tel-Kar has shown his true colors, and when he confronts Eddie and is shocked to learn that the Venom symbiote does not want to go with him, he kidnaps its offspring. Left with no choice, the symbiote abandons Eddie and bonds once again with Tel-Kar in order to protect its child. Tel-Kar drops the offspring and escapes, leaving Eddie naked and helpless. In First Host #3, however, Eddie is shocked to discover that Venom’s child has been talking to him throughout the issue. He then decides to bond with the offspring himself, in order to bring Tel-Kar down and save his symbiote.

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