Venomized: An X-Man Held the Key to Defeating the Poison Symbiotes

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Venomized #5 by Cullen Bunn, Iban Coello, Matt Yackey and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Marvel's Venom-focused weekly event series has come to an end. After converting numerous heroes to their collective hive, the Poisons -- lead by alternate versions of Thanos and Doctor Doom -- are looking to consume the entire Marvel Universe. Venom and the mutants of X-Men Blue have fought these symbiote-eaters from Edge of Venomverse to the "Poison-X" crossover, which resulted in Jean Grey being turned into a Poison.

The only people capable of harming a Poison has been Agent Anti-Venom and Carnage, with the latter joining their ranks over the course of the event. However, there's also another secret weapon that has been waiting to be unleashed on the villains -- even if they weren't aware of their own powers.

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Hive Mind

After Jean Grey became a Poison, Venom and the X-Men believed it was no longer possible to save their friend. Because of his mental connection to Jean, Cyclops was the only person to keep hope alive that their friend and teammate could be saved. This psychic link is what enabled Cyclops to uncover the Poisons' vessel in deep space, allowing the heroes to go on the offensive.

Once the big confrontation took place and Poison Jean Grey came face-to-face with her teammates, something strange happened: she began to mentally fight back. Since the hive used Jean's psychic abilities as a weapon, it gave her access to all of their combined minds and powers. And once that connection was made a two-way street, it allowed Jean to systematically shut each and every Poison down for good.

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Of course, being one of the world's strongest telepaths has its advantages, as Jean's attack wiped out the Poisons aboard their vessel and back on Earth. Something to ponder is just how Jean was able to reclaim her body when there are many examples of Poisons' decomposing after the link to their symbiote host was severed.

Venomized's Long-Term Effect On Jean Grey

Before Cyclops and Jean have their heartfelt reunion, Jean begins to trace her steps from a Poison-controlled slave to revived X-Man. She notes how her body was gone, with only her mind remaining. This lines up with other victims of the Poisons, whose bodies disintegrated once they were no longer connected to the aliens.

If you'll recall, both versions of Jean -- the younger time-displaced mutant and older X-Man -- are very familiar with death's cold grip. Adult Jean returned to the Marvel Universe in Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey, and her younger counterpart died and was brought back to life in the Jean Grey solo series. It's quite possible the Phoenix Force had a hand in saving Jean, but after becoming one with a Poison, is she even human?

If the Poisons realized how absorbing Jean Grey would be the cause of their downfall, they obviously would have passed on bringing her into their hive mind. Now, with the Poisons defeated, Venom and the X-Men are set to go their separate ways. Eddie Brock's just learned his symbiote is going to spawn, along with the Klyntar's secret history spanning back to the medieval days.

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As for Jean Grey and the X-Men, they're staring down the barrel of extermination in select post-credits scenes. Any long-term effects done to Jean will surely play out in the pages of X-Men Blue and the Extermination event series this summer.

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