Where Does Venom's Webbing Come From?

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Reader Tim wrote in to ask:

How was the symbiote able to create a webbing on Brock/Venom from Spider-Man?

I know it's universally accepted that venom has his abilities because Spider-Man was his first host. But how is he able to duplicate the webbing? Every other "copy" was part of his physiology. But the shooters are mechanical. Even doing a quick (and I mean very quick) scan of others he has "infected" it always talks about taking over their body and mind.

My issue is it doesn't make sense with what the symbiot actually is. A living thing that needs a host, also living, to survive. But the web cartridges are technological not biological. This would mean it could consume a tank and have its abilities or a spacecraft. And then once combined with another host it could give them a tank arm and the ability to fly.

If you could explain how it's possible to copy his webshooters I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks.

Simply put, Tim, it created the webbing out of its own body so as to best replicate Spider-Man's powers. It is the same basic reason it is able to create tendrils and a big tongue and stuff like that.

This was actually demonstrated in Venom's very first appearance in "Amazing Spider-Man" #300 (by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane), and, in fact, it was how Spider-Man ended up defeating Venom.

First, Venom used a lot of webbing to web Spider-Man down...

When Spider-Man was freed, he realized where Venom's webbing was coming from and how Spider-Man could use that to defeat him!

So there ya go, Tim!

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