Venom War: How Miles Morales First Encountered the Symbiote

Spider-Man Miles Morales Venom War

Venom has long been associated with the Spider-Man mythos, starting out as a terrifying villain before becoming a sympathetic antihero who has occasionally helped save the world from greater threats. While not as directly linked to the teenage Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Venom has memorably crossed paths with the young superhero both in the character's original Ultimate Universe and his subsequent integration into the main Marvel Universe.

Since the two have gone through some serious stuff together recently in Absolute Carnage, we're taking a closer look at Miles' first encounter with his world's version of the Venom symbiote in the Ultimate Universe storyline "Venom War.:

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The Road to Venom War

The Venom symbiote of the Ultimate Marvel Universe was not extraterrestrial in origin. Instead, it was rather the product of a genetic experiment to cure cancer gone horribly, horribly wrong when their employers attempted to weaponize it towards creating a new generation of super-soldiers. Bonding to Peter Parker before Spider-Man forcibly removed it, the symbiote bonded to Eddie Brock, forming a more monstrous figure than constantly needed to feed off the life force of others to survive while holding a deep grudge over being abandoned by Spider-Man. Eventually the symbiote would bond to Roxxon employee Conrad Marcus, forming an even larger, more horrifying version of Venom.

After news of Miles' exploits as the new Spider-Man replacing Peter continued to gain media attention, Daily Bugle investigative reporter Betty Brant records a video of Miles in action and launches her own investigation into the identity of the new web-slinger. After writing a piece incorrectly assuming the new Spider-Man to be Miles' father Jefferson Davis, Betty is killed by Venom, who then obtains the research from her extensive investigation.

Venom War

Venom War Ultimate Spider-Man

As Marcus struggles to retain control of the symbiote and its lingering hatred with anyone carrying the mantle of Spider-Man, Venom assumes Jefferson is indeed the new hero and attacks him in his own home. While Miles is able to successfully fend off the fearsome creature, his father is grievously wounded by the assault and put in intensive care at the Brooklyn hospital where Rio Morales, his wife and Miles' mother, works.

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Venom tracks down Jefferson to the hospital where he and Miles have their brutal rematch, and Spider-Man's unique bioelectric sting helping him in the fight against the physically superior opponent. While Miles manages to save his father's life again, his mother is killed in the crossfire, recognizing Spider-Man as her son in her final moments and giving him her blessing to continue on as a superhero. The police reporting on the scene come prepared for Venom and kill Marcus in a hail of gunfire though the grief of losing his mother causes Miles to temporarily retire from his superhero career for a year.

Venom and Miles in the Main Marvel Universe

As a result of the reality-altering events of Secret Wars, elements of the Ultimate Universe and merged with the main Marvel Universe, including the integration of Miles and his family -- including his resurrected mother -- on Earth. Initially unaware of his past life in the alternate reality, Miles learns the truth, including the former fate of Rio, with both of his parents eventually learning about Miles' double life.

Miles and the classic incarnation of Venom team up to stop a symbiote dragon empowered by the symbiote god Knull from rampaging through New York City, with Miles bioelectric attacks proving pivotal towards saving the day. In a sharp contrast from Miles' dynamic with Ultimate Venom, he and this Eddie Brock get along, with Venom serving as an impromptu mentor figure. As Absolute Carnage swept across the Marvel Universe, Eddie would become especially devastated when he saw Carnage use one of his symbiotes to possess and corrupt Miles.

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