Venom Trailer Confirms Multiple Symbiotes -- But Which Are They?

After a poorly received teaser trailer, we've finally gotten a great first look at the titular Venom of Sony's upcoming film. However, you'll notice that the two and a half minute trailer gives us a small glimpse at more than just the one symbiote bonded to Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy.

Before we see Brock infected, we're shown three different symbiote hosts -- or rather, victims -- throughout the trailer. Early on, we're shown Dr. Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) opening up a van and unveiling two capsules, each containing a living symbiote. Later, one of those capsules is opened, leading to one of Drake's scientists presumably being devoured while Drake watches from behind a pane of glass. We're then shown another of Drake's test subjects strapped to a monitoring device before the final host: the imprisoned woman who breaks free and seemingly causes the symbiote to latch on to Brock.

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Fans who have been paying attention to news surrounding Venom back in its developmental stages will have expected these symbiotes to make an appearance. It's likely, though not specifically confirmed, that they're each loosely based on the symbiotes introduced in one of Venom's comic book miniseries. Back in 2017, director Ruben Fleischer revealed that the film draws inspiration from the 1993 miniseries Lethal Protector (written by David Michelinie, illustrated by Mark Bagley, Sam DeLarosa and Marie Javins), and the 1995 miniseries Planet of the Symbiotes (written by Michelinie, artwork by Ralph Cabrera, Dave Hoover, Tom Smith and more), which collectively feature six different notable symbiote hosts.


The Life Foundation, which played a huge part in Lethal Protector, created five symbiotes after successfully capturing Venom. These five were Scream, Riot, Agony, Lasher and Phage. Each one was given to a volunteer group made up of soldiers, mercenaries and security guards, none of whom could fully control their symbiotes -- and so they all proceeded to wreak havoc on San Francisco in order to test their new abilities.

The leader of the Life Foundation symbiotes was Donna Diego -- Scream. It was revealed much later than Diego was schizophrenic and bonding with the symbiote only worsened her mental state. As Scream, her hair become lethal tendrils and she gained the ability to create sonic knives.

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Carl Mach was a mercenary who became Phage. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he could tear off pieces of his own suit, and use those pieces as projectiles that burned through his adversaries like an acidic substance. Carl was eventually killed by Scream when the latter was sent on a mad rampage.

Ramon Hernandez was a security officer at the Life Foundation who volunteered to become Lasher. Lasher used whip-like tendrils in battle, hence the name. Each tendril extended from his back, which he then used like extra limbs. Hernandez, like his brothers, was killed by Scream on her rampage.

Leslie Gesneria was a mercenary who became Agony. Much like Phage, Agony could turn her symbiote into an acidic substance which she used in projectiles. She also displayed an ability to absorb foreign substances, like Spider-Man's webbing. She was the first to fall when Scream began her slaughter of the Life Foundation symbiotes.

Lastly, there was Trevor Cole, who became the symbiote known as Riot. Riot was the most aggressive of the Life Foundation symbiotes and it showed in the weapons he would create with his suit. Unlike his brothers and sisters, the weapons he created were used to smash and destroy. Cole was also murdered by Scream.

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