We Are Venom: Breaking Down the Biggest Moments From the New Trailer

Ever since Sony broke news that it was developing a solo Venom movie starring Tom Hardy, fans were perplexed, to say the least. Since the movie would only be done in "association with Marvel," there is no official place for it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and therefore there will be no Spider-Man in the film.

Considering how closely Venom and Spidey are tied in the comics, it's a legitimate question to wonder how this movie will work on its own. The first trailer for the film didn't do much in helping convince fans of the film's validity, given that it never gave us a proper look at the title character. However, the second trailer finally gave us a sense of the vibe of the film, as well as Venom's toothy grin, assuaging some fans' concerns, though not all of them.

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While most expected a new trailer to premiere during the Venom panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the third (and most revealing) trailer actually arrived a little over a week after the convention ended. Clocking in at over three minutes, this trailer goes all-out in showing us the symbiote in action while simultaneously introducing the movie's villains, their goal and their abilities. Sony has given fans the trailer they so desperately wanted, but was it really worth the wait.

Here are the biggest moments and revelations from Venom's blood-curdling third trailer.

Eddie Brock: Reporter

Venom's second trailer confirmed that Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is a reporter, just as he is/was in the comic books. We see him confront Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), and try to push him with questions that Brock very well knows he won't get an answer to. However, in the third trailer, we get a little more sense into what Brock is after, not just as a person, but as a reporter.

He's not just looking to expose Drake; he's an investigative reporter who specializes in dark secrets. "I always seem to find myself questioning something the government may not be looking at," the voiceover informs us. However, in his latest crusade, Brock has no idea what kind of darkness he will truly find.

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