Venom: The Most Gruesome Kills In Sony's Symbiote War


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Sony’s Venom, in theaters now.

Over the years, Venom has been very brutal in dispatching his victims. Known for eating their brains, fans anxiously waited to see if that would be translated on screen with the symbiote and Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, only to have their hopes dimmed when the PG-13 rating was announced.

Still, while the gore level of Ruben Fleischer's film doesn't reach that extent, there were quite a few kills that pushed the envelope and bordered on something you'd see in an R-rated movie.

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5. Riot's Alleyway Introduction

In the film's opening sequence, the Riot symbiote attaches itself to a paramedic (played by Michelle Lee) in Malaysia, and goes on the hunt for the other symbiotes. Realizing it needs to go to America and the Life Foundation, it takes a detour en route to the airport in an alleyway, eating a street vendor's eels without paying.

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When the vendor confronts the host, her hand transforms into a gooey sword and slits his throat. As the other vendors attack, Riot unleashes a barrage of projectiles from its back, skewering almost everyone on site. All that's missing to make this scene complete was blood, but from this introduction, we immediately knew how intimidating and ruthless Riot would be.

4. She-Venom Bites Into Eddie's Life

In the comics, Eddie's ex-girlfriend Anne Weying transformed into She-Venom when she was shot and the symbiote had to temporarily bond with her to save her life. The film takes a different approach, with Michelle Williams' Anne becoming She-Venom to save Eddie when Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) kidnaps him thinking he still has the symbiote.

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When they realize Eddie isn't currently bonded, Drake's henchmen try to execute him in the woods outside the Life Foundation, only to be attacked by Anne. In the melee, She-Venom picks up the thug who harassed Eddie for the entire film -- and bites off his head. It's a shocking moment that stuns Eddie, as well as his former fiancée when she gives back the symbiote and realizes the horrific act she committed.

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