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Ever since the alien symbiote costume bonded with disgraced journalist Eddie Brock, Venom has gone on to become one of the most popular antiheroes in the Marvel Universe, whether he's helping or hunting Spider-Man. The character has skirted the line between being a hero and a villain while starring in his own bestselling comic book title and numerous appearances in animated television series, video games and live-action films, where he's been portrayed by Topher Grace and Tom Hardy.

With this summer's Marvel comic book crossover Absolute Carnage poised to put Venom back at the forefront of the Marvel Universe, here is some of the best Venom-inspired merchandise for fans to show their love for the symbiote-powered antihero.

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Venom Socks

Venom socks


Venom is as active as he is voracious, and clothing manufacturer Bioworld has released licensed crew socks featuring Venom emblazoned across each piece of footwear. With the symbiotic antihero's fearsome visage on the front leggings of the socks, it is the perfect way for fans to show their love of the character with a pair of well-fitted socks.

Made from 100% cotton, the Bioworld Venom crew socks fit men's sock sizes 10-13 and designed to fit snugly to the wearer's feet. Featuring the classic version of the character as he appeared in the '90s with razor sharp teeth, wild tongue, and the white Spider-Man logo, these are the perfect pair of socks for any Venom fan.

Venom Bathrobe

Venom bathrobe


Forming a symbiotic relationship with its host body, the Venom symbiote gives its wearer a degree of comfort as it completely encompasses and bonds with them. With that in mind, a Venom bathrobe offers fans a chance at absolute comfort while showing off their fan appreciation.

Available through Merchoid, the officially licensed Venom bathrobe is appropriately stark black with Venom's familiar jagged white eyes and toothy grin seen on hood. The bathrobe's back has the familiar white Spider-Man logo across it with a smooth, soft fabric used to make wearers comfortable while casually resembling their favorite Marvel antihero.

XBWJ PVC Venom Action Figure


The XBWJ Venom action figure is built to last and is posable enough to allow fans to recreate their favorite moments starring the symbiote-powered Marvel Comics character or create entirely new adventures for the action figure to embark on. This is a collector's-grade figure that won't break the bank.

Standing at six inches tall, the hulking figure's joints are fully movable to create dynamic poses with the figure's muscular frame and rippling symbiote effects rendering the sheer power of Venom no matter what opponent he may be facing next.

Venom Mug


Tirelessly hunting the streets for enemies to ravenously devour, even Venom could use an extra caffeine boost to keep himself sharp at all the odd hours of the night. With that in mind, what better way for fans to show their Venom appreciation while similarly stay up late with their own Venom mug?

Made from molded ceramic, the Venom mug is designed after the antihero's iconic grinning head with Venom's unnaturally long tongue forming the handle to the cup behind the mold's face. For fans looking for that symbiote-inspired boost, the Venom coffee cup is the perfect gift.

Venom Hoodie

VEnomy symbiote hoodie


Venom originally started out as Spider-Man's iconic black symbiote costume that he acquired on Battleworld during the comic book crossover Secret Wars. This officially licensed, slim cut hoodie offers fans a chance to recreate the classic black costume with its familiar Venom twist.

Available through Merchoid, the Spitting Venom Hoodie allows fans to wear a slimmer piece of apparel with a relatively minimalist, tactical design save for the iconic white Venom logo across the chest.

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