A Major Venom Revelation Threatens Eddie Brock's Bond with the Symbiote

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Venom #11 by Donny Cates, Joshua Cassara, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and Clayton Cowles, in stores now.

In Venom, the world-shattering revelations just keep on coming.

It all started when the symbiote god Knull made his presence known to the Marvel Universe, a development that changed everything that we, and Eddie Brock, thought we knew about the cosmic history of the symbiotes. Soon after that, Carnage returned, possibly more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Now, the Venom symbiote is cut off from the Klyntar hive mind and, Eddie Brock has learned he has a young half-brother named Dylan.

That's not bad for ten issues' worth of storytelling -- but Venom isn't done pulling the rug out from under our already shaky feet. In the latest issue, Eddie discovers that the symbiote lied to him; his brother Dylan isn't his brother at all... he's his son.

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Dylan Brock first appeared in last year's Venom #7, by Donny Cates and Iban Coello, where he was introduced to us as another of Carl Brock's sons. Eddie and Dylan spent a bit of time together, bonding over their shared hatred of their father, who had recently broken Dylan's arm after hitting him.

But in Venom #11, Eddie figures out that Dylan isn't his brother, but is his son. We don't find out who his mother is, or when Dylan was conceived, but we do know why Eddie never knew about him. The truth is that the symbiote kept Dylan hidden from him all this time because, like Eddie, the symbiote is afraid of being alone.

The Venom symbiote shares an incomparable bond with Eddie Brock, and it believes that if Eddie knew about his son, he would leave it behind.

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Is the symbiote right to be concerned? Perhaps. Eddie has always been a loner, something that has been even more apparent in this series, a comic which has no supporting cast to speak of. It's just Eddie and the symbiote, alone in the world together. But the arrival of Eddie's son could change everything. Suddenly, Eddie has someone who needs him, someone to take care of and raise.

So, does that mean he'll leave the symbiote behind? Something tells us he won't, but the revelation still fundamentally alters the pair's relationship. It's not just them anymore; now, there's Dylan. In a way, Eddie and the symbiote have both become parents, and that should prove interesting to see unfold.

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