The Creation of All of Venom's Symbiotes Is Tied To [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Venom #20 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Zé Carlos, Rain Beredo and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Ever since the start of Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman and Iban Coello's Venom run, more and more secrets about the Klyntar symbiotes have been revealed. It all began with the revelation that the symbiotes had an ancient god, Knull, who was kept prisoner inside the alien parasites' home world, a planet that turns out was nothing more than a prison. After Knull's reveal, many more revelations took shape, from the symbiotes' secret history on Earth to the codex they leave behind in every host they bond with, which Carnage started collecting in Absolute Carnage.

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And this is all without even mentioning Rex Strickland, Eddie Brock's mentor (and secret symbiote), the Grendel or Dylan Brock, Eddie's son, who just so happens to have a mysterious connection with the symbiotes and whose very existence is somehow tied to Venom specifically.

As if all of those massive revelations weren't enough, Venom #20 makes another equally seismic reveal, when the Maker explains the real reason behind the creation of all of the title symbiote's spawns.

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In Venom #20, we catch up with the Maker, the villainous Reed Richards from an alternate universe, after the events of Absolute Carnage. The supervillain was briefly taken over by the Life Foundation symbiotes, but a battle with the Avengers separated him from the parasites. Now, the Maker has failed in his quest to collect the symbiote codices, but he has now turned his attention to Dylan Brock. Richards reveals to his benefactors that Dylan is something new: a byproduct of the Venom symbiote mixed with a fetus. As a result, Dylan is the newest spawn of Venom, but one wholly different from all the others that came before.

Yes, the Venom symbiote actually spawned plenty of offspring before, and therein lies the big revelation of this issue.

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The Maker lists all of the symbiotes that were spawned by Venom: the very first, Carnage -- who ended up being corrupted by Cletus Kasady -- Toxin, Scorn, Raze and Sleeper.

As it turns out, all of these symbiotes were created around the time of a major Marvel event. Not long after Carnage was created, Thanos went on his his quest to control the Infinity Stones in The Infinity Gauntlet, Richards reveals. Toxin came into being shortly before Avengers: Disassembled shattered Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Scorn was created shortly before the universe-shaking The Chaos War, and Raze debuted right around the time Civil War II broke out. Finally, the Maker believes Sleeper was created before Knull's Grendel was awakened, and before Cletus Kasady (and Carnage) was brought back to life, both events tied to Absolute Carnage.

Therefore, Richards concludes the Venom symbiote has a precognitive ability to sense cataclysmic danger before it comes to Earth. The new symbiotes are created as a response, or a means to prepare for the new event that is just around the corner. Evidently, the creation of Venom's children was never arbitrary -- it was always connected to an upcoming danger.

This brings us, finally, to Dylan Brock. Dylan is the latest creature directly created by Venom, a new breed of symbiote, but still one of its many spawns. Like all the others, Dylan was created in response to a specific event yet to come, and we may already have a good idea of what that threat is. Following the conclusion of Absolute Carnage, we know Knull is coming to invade the planet with an army of symbiotes. Therefore, Eddie Brock's son may be the Earth's last, best hope against Knull and his army of symbiotes.

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