Venom Passes $300 Million at International Box Office

While Sony's Venom has seen substantial success at the domestic box office, including the highest earning October opening of all time, the Marvel antihero has enjoyed even larger box office gains overseas.

The Sony film has earned $302.5 million at the foreign box office. Combined with the film's current domestic earnings at $175.3 million, the worldwide box office totals are currently at $477.8 million.

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The impressive box office totals before the film opens in Japan next week and China the following week after that. Both countries are historically strong markets for Hollywood releases, virtually ensuring that the film will earn at least $600 million globally.

Outside of North America, South Korea is currently the strongest market for the Sony film with box office earnings of $28.9 million followed closely by Russia at $28.8 million. While Venom's box office reign was ended after two weeks in the top spot by this past weekend's Halloween, it has remained as the biggest movie overseas for the past three weeks.

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Directed by Ruben Fletcher, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate,Woody Harrelson, Sope Aluko, Scott Deckert, Marcella Bragio, and Michelle Lee. The film is out in theaters now.

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