Venom: Woody Harrelson in Talks for Henchman Role

Woody Harrelson might be the latest star to sign onto Sony Pictures’ Venom film. The actor is reportedly in talks to play a henchman character in the film, which will be a Spider-Man spin-off starring the alien symbiote Venom and his unwilling host, Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy.

While Harrelson is reportedly still in talks to join the project, according to Variety, the film’s cast has become a little clearer as of late, with Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate all onboard for the antihero film that is reportedly more like a horror film that a traditional superhero movie.

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Harrelson would be reuniting with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer if he ends up taking the job. Harrelson played Tallahassee, a zombie apocalypse survivor with a penchant for dispatching the undead in particularly violent ways, in the 2009 zombie action-comedy.

Venom’s cast and overall plot remained largely mysterious up until October, when the film finally went into production. Details about Venom’s source material were recently revealed, and a possible movie logo surfaced not long ago. The film will reportedly adapt the Venom: Lethal Protector storyline, which casts the frequently antagonistic symbiote as a San Francisco-bound violent vigilante.

Venom hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

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