Is Venom Taking Inspiration from Ultimate Spider-Man?

This October, a new kind of movie monster will hit the big-screen. Only this time, this monster might just turn out to be an anti-hero. Yes, the Venom solo movie is finally happening, and it's coming very soon. The movie's first teaser trailer was released just this week and what it lacked in comic book action, it made up for in mood and character development. The trailer was a small character-centric piece that focused on a pre-symbiote Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy. It was a simple introduction to the story's direction, one that didn't even give us one glimpse of Venom.

While some may have felt letdown by this trailer, there were still many revelations that came out of it, if one were to look hard enough to find. After analyzing the clues left for us, CBR was able to surmise that there is a strong possibility that Eddie Brock will have cancer in the film, like the modern iteration of the character in the comic books. It's an important aspect of the character's story, and one of the sources of the strong bond between the man and the alien symbiote.


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Now that we know a little more about the movie's general direction however, now that we have learned all we could from the short teaser, we wonder if Venom could also be looking at the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series for inspiration.

It has already been confirmed that the movie will take inspiration from the Venom: Lethal Protector comic series as well as the "Planet of the Symbiotes" crossover from Amazing Spider-Man. But despite that, the teaser managed to keep the veil of the movie's secrecy firmly in place. We only caught a brief glimpse of the actual symbiote being kept safe in a containment contraption, in front of a team of scientists. Is it possible then than there is a third comic book inspiration at play here? Could it be that the Ultimate Universe has fueled part of the movie's story?


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