Venom Trailer's Biggest Scares, Revelations & Questions

Following the divisive teaser released in February, Sony Pictures finally gives fans what they want in a Venom trailer: namely, Venom. Yes, we see the popular alien symbiote in, if not all then most of, his grinning, tongue-flicking glory in the first full-length trailer, although we have to wait until the very end for that (naturally). Before that, we're given a lot of action, and a significant amount of clues about the film's plot.

First and foremost, there's confirmation of multiple symbiotes, although we don't see them in their final forms, leaving us to question what roles Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony (never mind Carnage) might play in the film. However, that's just one of numerous questions we have about Venom. We break down some of the others below.

Welcome to Earth, Alien Symbiote

Venom Symbiote Cannister Crash Site

As in the teaser, we're taken to the crash site of either an alien vessel or a space shuttle, which introduces the alien symbiote -- or symbiotes -- to Earth. In Marvel comics, Venom's first human host was actually Spider-Man, who acquired what he initially believed to be wondrous new costume while trapped on a distant planet during 1984’s Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. Peter Parker brought his snazzy new threads with him back to Earth, where the sentient goo soon attempted to permanently bond to his body.

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Depicting the symbiote as some sort of cosmic stowaway certainly streamlines the origin, and cuts Spider-Man out of the picture, which is probably for the best, as Sony Pictures' co-production deal with Marvel Studios apparently doesn't permit Tom Holland's wall-crawler to appear in Venom.

That's Symbiotes, Plural

Venom Symbiote Cannisters

Although we've known for months that Venom draws inspiration from the 1993 Marvel Comics miniseries Venom: Lethal Protector, which introduced the alien's "offspring" Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony, and the 1995 Spider-Man story arc “Planet of the Symbiotes," this is the first visual confirmation of multiple symbiotes in the film. (The same shot in the teaser trailer was cleverly edited so as not to reveal the second canister of undulating black goo.)

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The question is whether there were several alien lifeforms aboard the crashed vessel or, like its comic-book counterpart, the Life Foundation has discovered a way to spawn offspring from the original.

Life Foundation May Be a Misnomer

Venom Tom Hardy Eddy Brock Riz Ahmed Carlton Drake

As in the comics, Eddie Brock is an investigative journalist, here on the trail of the Life Foundation, which in the source material is a a shadowy corporate survivalist group run by Dr. Carlton Drake (played in the film by Riz Ahmed of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). This trailer suggests the organization may not be so much focused on creating a utopian society for wealthy clients as it is with discovering, or guiding, the next step in human evolution.

That's not to say this version of the Life Foundation is altruistic, however. Brock's question to Drake, regarding allegations that the organization uses vulnerable volunteers in tests that kill them, comes from his notebook glimpsed in the first official image from the film.

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