Venom: Marvel Begins to Reveal Everything About the God of the Symbiotes

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Venom #3 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, in stores now.

In Marvel's Venom, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman are re-writing everything we thought we knew about the symbiotes -- or rather, adding an entire new dimension to their mythology. While Eddie Brock tried to pick up where he left off by taking his own brand of brutal justice back to the streets of New York City, he was quickly thrown in a tale that has spanned millennia. The first issue of the new comic series ended with the whopping reveal that the God of the Symbiotes had been awakened. The giant creature, which resembled a dragon, screeched and stomped its way through entire city blocks, swatting away helicopters like they were mere flies.

Venom may be a powerful superhero, but there is no way he could take on such a catclysmic presence by himself. Worse still, this God of the Symbiotes has an effect on the Venom Symbiote, where it can seemingly take control of it and turn it into its more primal, original self. Thankfully for Eddie Brock, he has a bit of help courtesy of Miles Morales' Spider-Man. Together, they deal a stunning blow to the monstrous God -- only to reveal the more frightening truth that lies inside.

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Thank to Miles' venom (heh) blast, the teen superhero finds himself in the belly of the beast and demonstrates a true show of force by blasting the God of the Symbiotes apart all over the streets. Black goo gushes all around as the construct of the dragon is destroyed. However, that is not the end of the creature -- far from it, in fact. Miles' blast only revealed what, or rather who, was inside the raging monster. A tall, thin and all-around frightening humanoid creatures steps out, revealing himself as the one true God of the Symbiotes. His name is Knull, and, for lack of a better comparison, we'd say he looks like a cross between Marvel's Dracula and the main villain behind Spider-Verse, Morlun.

Venom Knull God of the Symbiotes

There is an ethereal, wraith-like quality to his demeanor. He's got the appropriately haunting build, with his broad shoulders and chest covered by armor that makes him appear both regal and powerful. He has terrifyingly sharp teeth, and the signature symbiote tongue. His skin is pale, and his long white hair speaks to his age -- but how old is that? Well, according to the flashback on the final page, Knull is billions of years old. The scene frames the God of the Symbiotes on his mighty throne in the dead of space, where he appears to rule over countless symbiotes who are under his control.

As soon as Knull reveals himself to Eddie Brock, it's clear he's a powerful new addition to the Venom mythos. Not only can he speak to and control all symbiotes, he can create all manner of constructs with them, no matter how big (dragon) or small (shield and sword). It's a control he demonstrates with ease, even from a distance. And the Venom symbiote? Even it recognizes the power that stands before and bows in response.

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But the worst of it all is not that Knull takes the symbiote from Eddie Brock -- it's that he notices a flaw in its existence, a 'weakness' that came from spending years on Earth: humanity. With a simple touch, he burns this compassion right out of the symbiote, leaving us to wonder if Eddie can ever hope to tame it once again.

Only three issues in, and Venom has already completely rewritten everything we know about the character. Eddie Brock has died and come back to life, the symbiote has been purged of its humanity, and the all-powerful, apparently all-evil God of the Symbiotes stands revealed. We're kind of dreading what awaits us in issue #4 and beyond.

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