It’s Venom Vs. Spidey & [SPOILER] in Amazing Spider-Man #793 Preview

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man/Venom: Venom Inc – Alpha, on sale now.

Anti-Venom is back, and he’s got the Venom symbiote firmly in his sights… though it may not be for the reason you’d expect.

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Flash Thompson, the former Agent Venom, is now Anti-Venom, and he’s bound and determined to rescue his Symbiote friend from Eddie Brock. As you can see in CBR’s exclusive preview of Amazing Spider-Man #792, part two of the just-launched “Venom Inc.” crossover, Spidey’s stuck in the middle as he tries to take down the new Venom while saving Flash from himself.

The creative team of Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman present the second chapter of the latest massive Spider-Man storyline, with cover art by Alex Ross. Check out our exclusive, extended preview, along with the issue’s solicitation text, below.