Venom Film Listed As Horror Sci-Fi, Could Shoot in Fall


A Venom standalone film has been in development for years at Sony Pictures, but for the longest time fans weren't holding their breaths. However, that changed earlier this month when not only did the studio confirm the Spider-Man spinoff is alive and well, but that it's already landed a 2018 release date. Now, it appears as though the film, listed as "action/horror/sci-fi" could begin production as early as this fall.

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This morning, television and film production tracking site My Entertainment World added "Venom" to its list of upcoming features, staking out both a genre and an expected date when cameras will roll.

Although nothing is known about the plot, the addition of the "horror/sci-fi" may hint at the possibility of Sony creating an R-rated "Venom" on the heels of the success of such superhero films as "Deadpool" and "Logan." If that proves to be true, though, movie-goers may wish to abandon hope of seeing the fan-favorite antihero appear alongside Tom Holland's Spider-Man, at least under the banner of the family-friendly Marvel Studios.

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At this time, "Venom" is still without a director. However, longtime “Spider-Man” producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will oversee the project, as well as the recently announced Black Cat and Silver Sable spinoff film. Additionally, Sony has confirmed that Scott Rosenberg and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s” Jeff Pinkner are on board to pen the script.

"Venom" hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

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