Venom Fights Drake's Repo Men in New Movie Clip


Eddie Brock discovers he has a lethal protector living within himself in the latest clip from Sony's Venom.

In a released scene from the upcoming film, repo men sent by the movie's antagonist Carlton Drake arrive at Eddie's apartment to repossess property owned by the nefarious businessman. When the team tasers Eddie to incapacitate him, they finds they are in for much more than they bargained for.

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After easily dispatching the team with symbiotic tentacles and augmented fists, the extraterrestrial living inside of Eddie begs him for a post-fight snack.

"Now let's bite all the heads off and pile them into a corner!" hisses the symbiote.

"Now why would we do that?!" muses a beleaguered Eddie to the demon within.

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With a voracious alien creature now bonded to him, Eddie will have to control the symbiote's more sinister urges as they take the fight to Drake himself.

Debuting in theaters on October 5, Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate,Woody Harrelson, Sope Aluko, Scott Deckert, Marcella Bragio, Michelle Lee, Mac Brandt, Christian Convery, Sam Medina, and Ron Cephas Jones.

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