Venom: 10 Wild Fan Theories That Came True (And 10 We Wish Did)

As social media and technology continue to change the entertainment business, one thing becomes increasingly clear: fans love to speculate about movies before they premiere. Fan theories aren’t a new phenomenon but the internet has made it much easier to spread them around. This speculation is often difficult because movies are often shrouded in mystery before they arrive in theatres. Still, it’s fun for viewers to wonder what they might see before they actually get the chance to watch the movie and Venom is no exception to this behavior. As one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains, fans have been speculating about Eddie Brock’s solo movie since it was announced. Fan theories about the film became even more popular when reports surfaced that Sony hoped to make Venom the first chapter in a cinematic universe.

Projects for characters like Morbius, Kraven and the Black Cat have been in the rumor mill, and fans wanted to know how this film would connect to Sony’s answer to the MCU. These theories are about a variety of subjects; some fans wanted to know how the film might connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU. Others wondered which characters Venom would fight. Now that the movie is actually out, we can confirm, and debunk, some of the fan theories that have gained steam in the last few months. Fans will likely be glad to see some of their speculation paid off while others will be disappointed that their theories didn’t hit the mark. Without further ado, here’s a list of ten Venom fan theories that came true and ten that unfortunately didn’t.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Venom ahead!

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Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) is one of the main characters in Venom. While the character didn’t get a lot of time to shine on her own, at least one scene gave her the spotlight. When Brock is separated from the symbiote, Weying bonds with it in order to save her ex-fiancee from a group of henchmen.

Weying tracks Brock down and takes out his would-be tormentors. Then, under the direction of the symbiote, She-Venom shares a kiss with the alien’s former host, which allows Brock to regain his relationship with the powerful creature. She-Venom could have a more important role down the road but, for now, fans will have to settle for a brief appearance.


Many fans expected Sony to set up its cinematic universe beyond introducing Eddie Brock and the symbiote. Maybe a minor character from this film would appear in Morbius or any number of the other projects the studio has in development. This result is still possible but there are very few, if any, clear hints of Sony’s future movies.

Some fans predicted that one of the post-credits scenes would set up Morbius, which will likely be one of the first spinoffs in this Spider-villain series. Instead, Venom kept true to its self-contained nature. It seems that Sony missed an opportunity to build up its prospective line of movies.



Fans have been predicting this eventuality for a long time: Carnage is, of course, in Venom. Like many fans guessed, the villain appears in a mid-credits scene. Woody Harrelson plays an imprisoned, red-haired man, which should have tipped fans off. The scene is fairly short and uneventful but Harrelson blatantly tells the audience his name; he says “there will be Carnage” in the future.

This mid-credits scene sets the stage for the film’s potential sequel, which will likely pit Eddie Brock against Cletus Kasady. The short interaction between the two characters left viewers wanting more, and the sequel will attempt to deliver on that.


Netflix Defenders Teaser Image

Various theories wondered how Venom would connect to the MCU and these guesses ranged from a direct link to a subtle relationship. Some fans speculated that Marvel would treat this movie like the Defenders series of shows and there would be some references to the MCU but nothing too obvious. Instead, the film didn’t acknowledge the MCU at all.

The Netflix method isn’t perfect but it’s a fair attempt to handle an isolated story with larger connections. Establishing a Defenders-like link to the Avengers’ world likely would have satisfied many fans. But Sony and Marvel decided to insulate Eddie Brock’s story from any recognition of characters like Iron Man and Captain America.


Venom Riot

Many fan theories suggested that evil symbiotes would be the villains in this movie. For the most part, these predictions were correct. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) bonds with one of the symbiotes at the Life Foundation. Naturally, this creature, named Riot, is bigger and badder than the Venom symbiote and it’s able to outmuscle Brock at nearly every turn.

Brock finds a way to emerge victorious and it doesn’t seem like Riot will be coming back any time soon. The film mentions that there are many other symbiotes out there, so viewers could see Brock face another antagonistic creature in the near future.


Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

For a while, many rumors led fans to believe that Tom Holland would appear in Venom. Some theories suggested Holland would briefly appear as Peter Parker. Other fans thought that the MCU’s Spider-Man would make a cameo. These theories were logical -- if Marvel hoped to connect the film to the MCU, what better way than to have Spidey himself swing by?

It wasn’t meant to be. At least for now, Marvel seems to be treating this movie as a separate entity and holding it apart from the world of the Avengers. As a result, Tom Holland does not appear in the film and Spider-Man is nowhere to be found.


When speculating about Venom, many fans tried to guess how the film would be connected to the Marvel Universe. Some theories suggested that the movie would stand entirely on its own, and that prediction appears to be accurate. There aren’t any clear links to the Marvel Universe, let alone the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans won’t find any name drops or any distinct easter eggs. Instead, Eddie Brock’s adventures seem entirely isolated from the world of superheroes.

The film’s sequels, including Sony’s potential cinematic universe, will likely build some kind of connection to other Marvel characters. Until then, Brock and his symbiote are practically on their own.


Some fans recognized that Marvel would not connect Venom to the MCU. Subsequently, some theories predicted that a past version of Peter Parker would appear in order to provide some connection to Spider-Man. One theory suggested that Andrew Garfield could reprise his role from The Amazing Spider-Man. Others wondered if Tobey Maguire could return to the role eleven years after the release of Spider-Man 3.

By bringing in another version of Parker, Sony and Marvel could directly acknowledge the presence of the multiverse. Instead, Peter Parker is entirely absent from the film, which has left some fans wondering how the film would have looked with a link to the main character’s traditional nemesis.



In many trailers and promotional material for the movie, Sony stressed the phrase, “the world has enough superheroes.” Venom is usually, at best, an antihero and, at worst, a villain, and the film captured that characterization. Brock is not a hero; he’s the lesser of two evils in the conflict with Drake’s mad science.

Even then, as the symbiote corrupts Brock, it’s hard to cheer for a monster that assaults police officers. The sequel could attempt to redeem the character but it’d be more accurate to let Brock continue to walk the line between hero and villain. Fans were spot on when they predicted that the film would not feature a traditional hero.


Avengers: Infinity War

Even if the film didn’t include a Holland cameo or an appearance from another Peter Parker, many fans wanted some acknowledgement of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This recognition could have been anything from a name-drop to a newspaper with Spidey’s picture/name on it. Fans just wanted something to tie the movie to one of Marvel’s most famous heroes.

For some viewers, it is disappointing to sit through an entire movie about one of Spider-Man’s biggest villains without getting any mention of the web-slinger. Indeed, the film does not mention Spidey whatsoever, which feels like a missed opportunity for Sony and Marvel.


It would have made sense to give the symbiote some backstory, but Fleischer offers a fairly limited glimpse of the creature’s origins. The movie begins with a spacecraft, carrying multiple symbiotes, crash-landing on Earth. Beyond the obvious reveal that the creatures came from space, the viewers don’t learn much more about the symbiotes.

With a few throwaway lines, Brock’s symbiote briefly discusses its homeworld, which is likely Klyntar, the planet of the Symbiotes. As with other confirmed theories on this list, the sequel(s) could explore Klyntar and its residents more extensively but this movie only provides a sneak peek.


Some fan theories accepted that Venom would not tie directly to the MCU or include Spider-Man in any capacity. Still, many fans wanted to see some semblance of a link to the general Marvel Universe. Fleischer could have included a glimpse of a Stark Industries truck or some mention of Ant-Man or any of Marvel’s countless other characters. Anything would have sufficed as long as there was some link to Marvel.

There is no connection to be found. For a non-comic book fan, the only tie to Marvel was the company’s logo in the opening credits. Many fans hoped for a stronger association to the MU but the film fails to deliver.


spider-man: into the spider-verse

We’ll admit that this one is a stretch but hear us out. By including a lengthy preview of Into the Spider-Verse as the post-credits scene, Sony connected Venom to the upcoming animated movie. Viewers can be forgiven if, as they sit through the long look at the film, they expected Tom Hardy’s Venom to appear. After all, why else would Sony place the scene after this movie?

Oddly enough, there’s no trace of Hardy or his symbiote. Instead, the viewer gets to see Miles Morales tote around an unconscious Peter Parker for several minutes. It’s still possible that Brock will make an appearance in Into the Spider-Verse but don’t hold your breath.


Spider-Man in Homecoming

Some fan theories were a little ambitious; beyond hoping for a connection to the MCU, some fans wanted the film top set up Venom’s introduction to the Avengers’ world, potentially in Avengers 4. Some theories predicted the movie would plant the seeds for Brock’s inclusion in Spider-Man: Far From Home, likely in a mid-credits scene.

Others guessed Fleischer would manage to incorporate some aspect of the MCU that could be revisited in the sequel. As with other theories, these ideas failed to see the light of day. The film is set in its own universe, with no recognition of Spider-Man or the MCU.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales poster header

By including a scene from Into The Spider-Verse, Sony acknowledged the presence of the Marvel multiverse. As the credits for Venom end, the screen reads, “meanwhile, in an another universe,” which technically confirms at least one other reality exists in the film’s world. Some fans predicted that Sony and Marvel would take this route; by doing so, the companies allowed Venom to stand on its own while recognizing other universes that included the superheroes we know and love.

Someday, Eddie Brock could interact with these characters. Until then, it seems he’s destined to face Carnage and other threats that aren’t part of the MCU.


Fans were correct when they predicted that Carnage would appear in this movie, but Woody Harrelson’s involvement is limited to a mid-credits scene. Many fans wanted to see Venom fight Carnage right away; they hoped that Cletus Kasady would be the main villain instead of Carlton Drake.

Unlike other theories on this list, it’s probably for the best that Carnage was barely used in this film. With the characters of Eddie Brock and the symbiote set up for future movies, the sequel can explore Carnage more extensively. As much as we wanted to see Carnage, if the villain had a significant role in the first instalment, it would have been difficult to successfully establish both symbiote-based characters.


Venom symbiote

With the film borrowing from the "Lethal Protector" story, among other stories, fans expected to see villainous symbiotes like Scream, Phage, Lasher and others. Fleischer didn’t include all of these characters (though he did provide glimpses of other symbiotic creatures). Instead, Eddie Brock’s symbiote and Riot, the one that bonds with Carlton Drake, are the only two creatures that are featured.

However, fans were correct in predicting that multiple characters would wear a symbiote. For example, the creature that escapes containment at the beginning of the film bonds with several people. An astronaut, an EMT, an old woman and a little girl all bond with Riot before it makes its way to Drake.


Yes, the film offered a brief preview of the symbiote’s backstory, but Venom feels more like a tool for Eddie Brock than its own individual character. In the comics, Eddie Brock and the symbiote are at their best when both characters get the spotlight. It wouldn’t have made much sense to dive deep into the story of the symbiote’s homeworld but anything would have been an upgrade over the minimal amount of information the film provided.

As it stands, the creature feels like a stereotypical alien from space. Hopefully, going forward, the sequel to Venom will give a little more life to the other half of the main character.



With the report that Tom Hardy is signed on for three more movies, it was practically guaranteed that Venom would somehow set up a sequel. The film itself doesn’t do a lot to plant the seeds for Brock’s next adventure but the mid-credits scene certainly does.

The main story ends with the reveal that Brock is still bonded to his symbiote and the viewer sees the two characters continuing to negotiate their co-existence. Then, in the mid-credits scene, Brock visits Harrelson’s mysterious character. Harrelson delivers the campy Carnage line and, here, Fleischer sets up the sequel. If Sony does decide to continue this potential cinematic universe, it’s clear where Eddie Brock is heading.


Infinity War

If Venom didn’t connect to the present-day MCU, some fans reasoned, the film could be set in the MCU’s future. Early trailers for the film featured a world that seemed pretty dark in comparison to the one seen in most Marvel movies. As a result, some fan theories suggested that this film could be set years after the fallout of A4.

In this scenario, the heroes likely lost to Thanos or at least sacrificed a number of their greatest teammates. This tragedy would explain the gloomy tone seen in the trailers. A post-A4 setting is still possible -- Venom’s sequel could confirm this theory. At the same time, the film didn’t leave any clues that suggest it takes place in the MCU’s future.

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