Eddie Brock's Venom To Meet Miles Morales for the First Time

Miles Morales has a pretty intense relationship with the Venom symbiote. The Ultimate Universe version of the alien was responsible for his mother's death, after police accidentally shot her while aiming for the symbiote. He's since met the Marvel Prime Universe's Venom during Civil War II, though that was Flash Thompson as Agent Venom.

Come June, Miles and the symbiote's original host, Eddie Brock, will meet for the very first time in Venom #3, which will undoubtedly stir up old emotions in the young Spider-Man.

The solicit for the June issue teases an injured Venom attempting to protect New York City against a powerful foe, with Miles Morales standing in his way. With Agent Venom and the Eddie Brock Venom looking drastically different -- Flash's Venom has a more militarized appearance, while Eddie's Venom is the huge, muscular tongue-wagging variety -- it wouldn't be a surprise to see Miles react in a hostile manner upon meeting the antihero. Rio Morales may be alive now, but Miles more than likely still blames it for her death.

Ryan Stegman's cover for Venom #3 can be found below, along with its solicitation text.


  • Still recovering from his injuries, Eddie Brock – the Wicked Web-Slinger known as VENOM – has to defend NYC against the most powerful foe he’s ever faced!
  • The only thing standing in his way? Miles Morales…SPIDER-MAN!
  • Though Eddie and the symbiote have no qualms with this particular web-slinger, the same can’t be said for Miles’ feelings about Venom…
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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