Venom and Eddie Brock's Bond Has Been Drastically Altered - Again

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Venom #7 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Andres Mossa and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The pairing of Eddie Brock and the alien symbiotic Venom have a long history together. The duo started out as a nemesis of Spider-Man and an overall bad guy, but the years have seen their rivalry diminish to the point where they can tolerate each other.

That isn't the only change to take place with the character, as Venom has taken on different hosts like the Scorpion Mac Gargan and Spider-Man supporting cast member Flash Thompson, where they went from being Agent Venom to a Space Knight. We also can't forget how Eddie bonded with another symbiote to become Anti-Venom.

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Despite new hosts and new symbiotes, Eddie and his other always manage to find their way back to their Lethal Protector union. The Venom creative team of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have kept change in the air by expanding the character's mythos with the additions of a symbiote dragon and god. Those threats have been neutralized for the time being, but at a great cost to Eddie and Venom's special bond that may wind up being permanent.

Beware Of The Symbiote Guard Dog

Venom #6 ended with the symbiote dragon being locked in a blast furnace as it burned away -- well, mostly burned away. The Maker revealed a sample of the dragon survived, which is why he sent some men to retrieve it. Venom sacrificed himself to keep the dragon contained in the furnace, paying a steep price in the process.

Eddie awakened to find himself in the Maker's clutches, with no recollection of the last five weeks. In that time, he was on the run from the Maker and traveled across the country, where he visited his father (and a brother he didn't know existed) in San Francisco. With a demonstration, the Maker revealed the Venom symbiote is shielding Eddie from dramatic experiences by erasing parts of his memory. Also, the symbiote has stopped communicating inside Eddie's mind. So while it's still active and obedient, Eddie's "other" is now nothing more than a lap dog.

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The relationship and dialogue between Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote are some of the highlights of Sony's Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. If that special bond is now gone, where does that leave the antihero as far as defending the streets as Venom? The symbiote could speak to Eddie during fights and relay important information he needed to know. Matchups would quickly turn to two-on-one affairs, which is obviously a huge advantage for the Lethal Protector.

Venom will have to learn how to navigate this new status quo change, while also working with the Maker to retrieve the missing dragon symbiote sample. Will Venom trust in the Maker to help him become whole again? And if so, how will Maker manipulate the situation for his benefit? This isn't the first time Venom has undergone a massive change in his dynamic, but it could be the one with the greatest long-term ramifications.

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