'Venom' DotComic now live at Marvel.com

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The last day of MARVEL TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week is here, and last but certainly not least is VENOM, the April-debuting new ongoing series by writer Daniel Way and penciler Francisco Herrera (PETER PARKER). Readers and retailers can check out www.marvel.com right now for special 8-page preview of issue #1 of the monthly title.

With his Ultimate Universe counterpart currently igniting sales (particularly with younger readers) on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, the return of VENOM to the Marvel U is poised to be one of this year's hottest new launches. And sure, readers already know Venom is returning, and will pop up near the Artic Circle, but WHY does it reemerge there? Don't expect all the answers to VENOM's mysteries in the preview. Writer Daniel Way has other plans...

"It's not by chance," Way offered as a hint. "It's doing something there that it can't do anywhere else. And why is it on the run..? After all, what does Venom have to fear? What in the world could this incredibly adaptable, imminently dangerous entity possibly be afraid of? The answer is quite simple:

"Something not of THIS world.

"Everything you thought is wrong. Everything you know, is right.

"There's a monster that walks among us. And don't bother looking over your shoulder...

"...because it's right in front of you."

The VENOM 8-page preview can be read right now at http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=155&wsid=. VENOM #1 goes on sale 4/23.

Look for an announcement regarding NAMOR - April's final MARVEL TSUNAMI launch - soon.

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