Venom Writer Receives Death Threats Over Controversial Story Arc

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Venom #11, on sale now.

Writer Donny Cates revealed he's received multiple death and injury threats regarding the contents of Venom #11.

"Just saw that I’ve received multiple death/injury threats over Venom #11," Cates wrote on Twitter. "So, a few things. 1: I’m not changing my plan for these characters. 2: threatening my life or injury to me is not the way to champion your cause. 3: Shipping is fine. But this is insane."

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Venom #11, which went on sale this week, makes some major changes to the Lethal Protector's status quo. Dylan, the young boy who Eddie Brock recently discovered is his half-brother, was revealed to be his actual son. Eddie also learned the Venom symbiote has been altering his memories for years, resulting in his sister and uncle who he believed had cancer not being real, along with Eddie's own cancer.

After the box office success of Sony's Venom starring Tom Hardy, some fans have taken exception to Cates' run on the Venom comic. With Cates' reference to "shipping," it appears the fans who are lobbying the threats are in favor of a romantic relationship between Eddie and the symbiote, which fans ran with on social media following the film's release.

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Marvel's Venom, on the other hand, currently sees a rift forming between the two since the symbiote has been manipulating Eddie Brock.

Venom #11, by Donny Cates, Joshua Cassara, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and Clayton Cowles, is now on sale from Marvel Comics.

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