Venom Doesn't Need the Spider Symbol On His Chest

Director Ruben Fliescher's Venom will be the first movie from Sony's "Venom-Verse," a sort-of spinoff from its Homecomiong-launched Spider-Verse. The studio plans to populate the cinematic universe with characters connected to Spider-Man in the comics - like Morbius, Silver Sable, Black Cat and Kraven the Hunter - but there's a Galactus-sized catch: Spider-Man will not interact with characters in the Venom-Verse, though it remains unclear if that's because he doesn't exist there, or if Sony/Marvel simply wants to keep him out of the spotlight for... reasons.

Reinventing some of these Marvel characters' origin stories without the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man's involvement isn't too big of a challenge, to be fair; for example, it's not like Spidey played a pivotal role in Morbius' earlier years. But that's not the case with Eddie Brock's Venom - not at all. In the comics, the two are so closely connected that, for many fans, it's difficult to imagine Eddie Brock turning into Venom without Spider-Man playing a significant role. After all, it was revealed in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #300 that it was the symbiote and Eddie Brock's mutual hatred for Spider-Man that brought them together in the first place.

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Venom may consider himself a hero in the comics, but his unforgettable design makes it crystal clear that he's truly a twisted reflection of the Wall-Crawler. He has Spider-Man's large white eyes, but they're jagged and fearsome instead of good-natured. While Spidey's mask features a smooth design over his face, Venom has the mouth of a terrifying monster: enormous and sharp teeth, a flailing and long tongue, and a disturbing amount of drool. So far, it looks like Venom has done a phenomenal job giving the character a design that was pulled straight out of the comics. The mouth is frightening, and the eyes are chilling - no one would feel comfortable making eye contact with Hardy's Venom, who would send a chill down your spine if you ever met him. This live-action version of Venom has a truly comics-accurate head... but what about the rest of the design?

Sony's Hall H panel during Comic-Con International revealed that Tom Hardy's Venom will not have the iconic spider symbol on his chest. To many fans, Venom's white spider emblem is a significant part of the character's design. But why would Tom Hardy's Venom have the symbol if Spider-Man plays no role in his origin story? The character's facial features don't need an explanation, but a signature logo is an entirely different story.

Yes, including the chest symbol would give Hardy's Venom a truly comics-accurate look, but no justification for including it would ever be good enough. The character could say it's because he's "venomous like a spider" to criminals or something silly like that, but it would come off as forced and only serve as a reminder that Spider-Man is not in the movie. It would be a distraction. There's no doubt it would look cool, but it would also be a permanent reminder that the anti-Spider-Man came into the world without Spider-Man's help.

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