Venom Director Addresses One of the Film's Major Plot Holes

Venom Riot

Director Ruben Fleischer admits Venom may have a "few logic bumps," and has done his best to explain way one of the biggest, involving the film's sinister symbiote.p.

After Riot escapes from the Life Foundation in Malaysia and bonds with an elderly woman, she embarks on a murder spree as the symbiote makes its way toward the company's San Francisco headquarters. But when the film skips to six months later, the alien is still bonded to the woman, who's only just headed to the airport.

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Fleischer explained the six-month time-jump was used as a plot point to show what happened to Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock after he stole secrets from his fiancé's laptop and attempted to take down Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake. "We had to have a passage of time in order to show Eddie's downfall," he told Gamespot, "and that was the one thing that doesn't entirely track."

The original idea was that Riot would stay bonded to one person and move on after using her life force. Jumping to the next host would've allowed Riot to get one step closer to America, but the idea seems to have been lost in translation.

Fleischer said fans should use their imaginations to fill in the gaps in Riot's time in Malaysia. "But I like to think that old lady was going around murdering all throughout Malaysia," he continued, "and she was just having a good old time just shooting shards through different people in Malaysia."

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The other option is that Riot simply preserved its energy while masquerading as someone's grandma and putting its plan into place. When asked about this possibility, Fleischer simply said, "Yeah, I mean, who's to know?"

Although Venom is on target to be a box office success, the movie has pulled in a few criticisms. As well as a sometimes-simple storyline, the timeline could be accused of being all over the place.

With Venom managing to shed the early negativity of its reviews, Sony so-called Spider-Verse is out of the starting blocks and putting the pieces in place for the Jared Leto-led Morbius. 

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Sope Aluko, Scott Deckert, Marcella Bragio, and Michelle Lee. It is out in theaters everywhere now.

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