'Venom' Director Explains His Vision For the 'Spider-Man' Spinoff

Beyond the Amazing Spider-Man series, Sony Pictures plans to unleash at least two spinoffs in the form of The Sinister Six and Venom. In the case of the latter, Alex Kurtzman has been tapped to write and direct, and now he's opening up on the appeal of telling a story all about Spider-Man's symbiote-suited nemesis.

"The idea," he tells MTV, "is that you can do things with Venom that you can't do with Spider-Man."

In other words, Kurtzman intends for his movie to focus on "a much darker character," someone who "is the representation of every line that will get crossed."

For now, it's unclear how Venom will move forward, or who it will focus on. The Eddie Brock story was already told (and, depending on who you ask, botched) in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, with Topher Grace in the role. Is that the version we'll see on screen? Or will we get Flash Thompson's secret agent Venom? If so, the Flash of the Amazing universe is already played by Chris Zylka; would the Leftovers actor reprise the role, or would Kurtzman be free to recast?

In other words, there are a lot of question marks surrounding Venom between now and its eventual release. There is currently no release date set. Meanwhile, Kurtzman's set to direct a new version of The Mummy, due in theaters in 2016.

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