Carnage Targets the Entire Marvel Universe in Venom Teaser

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for an upcoming Venom storyline which appears to see Carnage targeting the entire Marvel Universe.

The image, illustrated by Greg Land, shows a number of Marvel's biggest and most powerful heroes succumbing to what seems to be Carnage's symbiote. Above the Avengers is Venom, his own symbiote seemingly reaching down to the Avengers' outstretched hands, with the phrase "Everyone is a Target" between him and the imperiled heroes.

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"Everyone is a Target" teaser art by Greg Land

Though the teaser is short on information beyond the fact that it's prepping readers for a storyline arriving in August 2019, it would appear to set the stage for the next chapter in the current storyline between Venom and his psychotic symbiote offspring, Carnage. The relationship between the two is currently being explored and redefined in recent Web of Venom specials which have been building to April's Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage, and will be continued in Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offering in May.

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Spinning out of the pages of the Venom ongoing series, the Web of Venom specials have introduced key characters and plot points that have begun to directly tie into the main series. With Cletus Kassady's return tied to Knull, he and Eddie Brock are on a collision course, and now it would seem the rest of the Marvel Universe is destined to be caught in the crossfire.

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