Venom: 8 Rumors We Need To Be True (And 7 Things We Know)

Marvel fans have been waiting a long time for Venom to be properly brought to life on the big screen. But this year, the wait might finally be over. In fact, there is actually much to be excited about the character's next forray into cinematic territory. Not only is Tom Hardy cast in the role, but Venom will not be introduced as an antagonist to another hero's film. Instead, the alien costume-powered character will receive the starring role. That's right, Sony's Venom film will be all Venom, all the time. The famous Spider-Man villain will be the star of his own show.

Now, Tom Hardy seems to be taking the role very seriously, and cameras are currently rolling on the film. However, as with any highly-anticipated Marvel project, secrecy is the name of the game. Although the movie is in production, we surprisingly know very little about it. Of course, this hasn't stopped many fans and outlets from theorizing about many aspects of the film. Here, CBR splits the difference and plunges headfirst into the black ooze of the symbiote to list seven things we actually know about the film, and eight rumors we desperately need to be true.

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While the Venom movie may take place inside its own little corner of the Marvel universe, that doesn't mean that other Spider-Man and Venom-related characters will not appear in the film. Sony is actively developping some other Spider-Man villain films, so we wouldn't put it past them to feature some other comic book characters in the film; characters who are part of the Spider-Man mythos.

In fact, such a character has been said to have a possible role in the film for quite some time. Rumors have been floating around that the villain known as The Chameleon might appear in Venom in a supporting capacity. The character, who has the uncanny ability to create masks and costumes to copy almost anyone, could literally be played by anyone -- and this makes him a veritable question mark for the film.


Venom Lethal Protector header

While we don't know much about the movie's story yet, it has been confirmed that Venom will be influenced by two comic book series: the Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries, as well as Planet of the Symbiotes. Lethal Protector saw the title character travel to San Francisco to try his hand at being some sort of hero, which might point heavily at the basic bones of the movie's story.

However, the Planet of the Symbiotes influences are particularly noteworthy because it directly involves the alien origins of the symbiote, as well as an all-out invasion of planet Earth. It's unclear what elements the movie will borrow from this particular Amazing Spider-Man storyline, but we can bet on Venom's outer space origin being properly brought to the screen. Perhaps most interestingly, however, is that both stories feature Spider-Man in some capacity.



If Venom is a frightening character when he can be, then Carnage makes him look tame by comparison. Carnage is the crazier version of Venom, and an even more dangerous adversary for Spider-Man. His unhinged persona is only matched by his cruelty, and it makes him wholly unpredictable. The rumor currently floating around the film is that Carnage is the main villain of the film.

Considering that the Venom film will take some story beats from the Planet of the Symbiotes storyline, an event that saw Carnage and Venom go head-to-head, it would obviously make sense for the red symbiote to take part in the film. Venom is a villain, sure, but he is still the protagonist of his film, which means that he needs to go up against something bigger and badder than himself. And Carnage fits that bill.



In the comics books, many characters wore the Venom symbiote. But the first and most popular will always be Eddie Brock, who was introduced as a sort of antithesis to Peter Parker. Little is actually known about how Tom Hardy will bring Brock to life, if his portrayal will be heavily inspired by the comics or if the movie will take a bit of creative freedom with role.

But one thing was made abundantly clear: Hardy is playing Eddie Brock. The first official picture of the character was released recently and although the photo doesn't tell us much about the character, he does appear to have a certain journalistic flair – as he should! And with confirmation that the movie will feature motion capture performance, this Venom will truly be 100% played by Tom Hardy.



With the confirmation that the Venom film would be partly inspired by the Venom: Lethal Protector comic book series, there seemed to be a theory that the comic's main villains, the Life Foundation, might feature in the movie. The Foundation used the Venom symbiote to create five new monsters. These symbiotic soldiers proved such a handful that Venom had to team-up with Spider-Man to defeat them.

This rumor would actually make a lot of sense, considering that Venom will need villains to face off against. With a movie focused on symbiotes, there would be ample room to have these five symbiote off-shoots surface while also using Carnage as the main villain. Besides, we already know that Planet of the Symbiotes is also one of the movie's inspirations, and that story featured many symbiotes attacking the Earth.


When Venom was first announced, fans everywhere wondered where the movie would take place. Considering that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently introduced Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in its universe, many hoped that that meant that Venom would follow suit. However, recent reports have confirmed that the Tom Hardy-led film will take place inside its own universe.

In fact, it was reported that Venom would take place in what was dubbed as a Marvel Universe. What that means exactly is anyone's guess, but it seemingly confirms that the movie will take place inside its own little bubble. Don't expect the Avengers to show up to lend a fighting hand here, and don't expect to see Venom join up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, like he has in the comics.



Just because the Venom movie takes place in its own little corner of the Marvel Universe, that does not mean that it can't still be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has made a name for itself by cross-pollinating its movies, but a solo film with no apparent or direct ties to that Universe could still technically take place in it.

For example, take into consideration the various Marvel television series. The Defenders, Runaways and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rest all technically take place in the MCU, and yet that is barely apparent. The two can co-exist, with the viewers accepting that while they are not crossing-over with one another, they are still technically part of the same whole -- much like in the comic book world.


13 She Venom

The entire set of Venom is so secretive that we don't even know much about the movie's cast. But, there is another actor whom we know officially has a role in the film: Michelle Williams, who will play Ann Weying in the film. In the comics, the character is not only Eddie Brock's ex-wife, she is also famously known as She-Venom, a female equivalent to the Venom character.

However, we can't be certain that Williams will actually suit-up. In fact, for all we know, she is simply playing the female lead opposite Hardy, with no actual superhero (or is it supervillain?) antics in store for her. But, with a movie heavily inspired by comic book stories that feature multiple symbiotes, don't be surprised if Michelle Williams' character embraces the She-Venom identity.



At first, it was seemingly hinted at that the Venom movie would have nothing to do with Spider-Man: Homecoming. This prompted many to wonder how Venom's origin would factor into the film, considering Spider-Man plays such an important part in it. Perhaps the movie would avoid the Spider-Man connection altogether, to have it truly stand on its own?

However, there have been various reports that seem to confirm that Tom Holland was seen on the set of Venom. While this is not exactly a confirmation that he will have a role in the film, it has sparked the rumor that Peter Parker will appear in some capacity in Venom's solo movie. Some have stated that Holland will appear strictly as Parker, and not as Spider-Man, which makes us truly wonder how large of a role Holland would have.



It's no secret that most of Marvel's superhero movies and television shows take place, at least in part, in New York City. Considering that this is the home city of many characters, this shouldn't come as a surprise. It's where Spider-Man operates, where the Defenders protect the streets and where the Avengers built their towering base of operations.

While some films took the action away from New York, Venom will take the action in a completely different city. In fact, Tom Hardy himself confirmed that the film would take place on the west coast, in San Francisco. While it has definite ties to the comics, since Eddie was based in San Fran for most of it, it is a big departure from most superhero movies, and it is likely that this change is deliberate. This new location will play a part in the film's story.


Agent Venom

Even though it was widely reported that the Venom film would depict the character as he first appeared in the comics, some pictures have led some people to theorize that the movie will take a few cues from the much more recent comic book series Agent Venom. This series saw Venom find a different host in Flash Thompson, an enemy-cum-friend of Peter Parker and war veteran who used the symbiote to be a lethal super agent.

The Venom symbiote was therefore weaponized, and on the side of good. Pictures of Hardy in some sort of soldier uniform made some wonder if this version of Eddie Brock would be a soldier who returns home, and who finds himself the host of something alien. There is certainly room to have the movie embrace the character's horror roots while taking inspiration from Agent Venom.



In the Spider-Man comics, Venom quickly became a fan-favorite character. At first, he was an antagonist to the Wall-Crawler, a supervillain monster that tormented Peter Parker's life. But with his popularity came a change in direction. Venom was eventually turned into a sort of anti-hero, a character who could just as easily save a life as take it.

But fans have always preferred when Venom is at his most villainous. The character isn't known to be quiet, or lenient. And this is exactly the character that is promised for the film. Everyone involved in the Venom movie has confirmed that they will be embracing the character's villainous roots. In fact, the movie's tone is set to verge on the horror side of things, which means that while Venom may be the protagonist, he will still be his frightening, brutal self.



After the success of R-rated films like Deadpool and Logan, studios have recently discovered the potential for superhero movies that push the envelope. While there has been no confirmation, there are rumors that Sony may be looking to try their hand at a rated-R superhero film with Venom. If there is one Spider-Man character who could benefit from such an approach, it's Venom.

Since we know that the film will have horror overtones, it's not a stretch to imagine a movie that is allowed to truly delve into its genre. An R-rating would allow Venom, as well as the rumored Carnage, to be as bloody and villainous as possible. The movie wouldn't have to pull any punches, and Venom would be portrayed as the frightening monster he was always supposed to be.


It was recently confirmed that Woody Harrelson was in talks to star in Venom in some capacity. Your guess as to which character he might be playing is as good as ours, but in a universe filled with well-known and fan-favorite characters, the fact that Harrelson was brought on in a mysterious capacity is telling.

Surely the famous actor wasn't brought aboard the film to play an unimportant role. More than likely, he is playing someone familiar to Marvel fans, and his reveal in the film might come with a twist, or at least a surprise of some sort. Could he be playing Carnage himself? The actor will next be seen in the Star Wars spinoff Solo, which means that Harrelson has quite a few big movies on the horizon for 2018.


While there will continue to be a debate as to whether the film takes place inside its own universe or if it occupies a little untouched corner of the MCU, there are rumors that Sony hopes that its Venom movie will help kickstart a brand new shared universe of movies. Perhaps the studio is looking to create a Spider-Man universe of movies, much like the various cartoons have always showcased.

We already know that Sony is actively developing a Silver Sable and Black Cat team-up movie, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Venom plant the seeds for such a film. If the movie is successful, we wouldn't just be looking at a potential sequel, but a new series of movies that would be able to cross-pollinate with one another in a way that Venom just wouldn't be allowed to with the MCU.

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