Venom 2: Fan-Made, Carnage-Filled Trailer is Crazy Fun

Venom was a shocking success when it hit theaters last year, making $855 million worldwide and ensuring a sequel. Now, a fan has created a concept trailer for what he believes Venom 2 should look like, and it's full of symbiote-smashing goodness.

The trailer is titled Venom 2: Carnage and takes scenes from various other films and mashes them together into what looks like a real movie trailer. In his description,  YouTuber Billy Crammer says this is how he feels the second Venom movie should look.

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"This is a FAN-MADE conceptual trailer made purely for fun," Crammer wrote. "This is not a real trailer, nor is it intended to be. This was made to show how a film could look."

The footage begins with what looks like a horror/thriller scene, where Cletus Kasady invades a home and kills a young girl. He is then arrested and the next shot comes straight from the Venom post-credits scenes, where Eddie Brock goes to the prison to interview Kasady.

After this, there are a number of shots pulled from Venom, with the color altered to look like Carnage's red, as well as shots from Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland and some shots of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Add in some scenes with Woody Harrelson from different movie roles, and this is as cohesive of a fan-made trailer as you will get.

As the trailer shows, the optimal idea for Venom 2 would be to have Spider-Man and Venom team up to battle the murderous Carnage, and while there is little chance of that happening while Spider-Man is co-owned by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this trailer at least teases what that movie could look like.

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Venom 2 currently does not have an official release date, although an October 2020 release seems likely.


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