EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Brock Attacks in Venom #1 First Look

Eddie Brock and his symbiote have been reunited for a while now, but the pair are set to star in an all-new series as part of Marvel's "Fresh Start" initiative. But while Venom #1 isn't slated to arrive in stores until May, CBR has an exclusive first look at Ryan Stegman's art from the issue.

Of course, although Eddie and his alien partner have been working together in the anti-hero's current series, and as the lead protagonist in the Venomized miniseries, their relationship is a little rocky when the new comic kicks off.

"When our series picks up, their relationship is at an all-time low," writer Donny Cates told CBR in a recent interview. "Eddie can’t trust his other, and the symbiote is acting very erratic. There’s a reason for that, one beyond the usual “it’s an angry monster all the time” kind of sentiment. Something is affecting the symbiote. This isn’t a change that’s coming from within it, and whatever’s happening is making it almost animalistic.

"A lot of this first arc, I thought it would be fun to see what would scare Eddie," Cates added. "What would have to happen to push Eddie off that ledge..."

We're not sure what it will take to get under Eddie Brock's skin, or, rather, between his skin and his symbiote partner, but the first look at Stegman's art in the gallery below might give us a bit of a hint.

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