Venditti Takes On "Demon Knights" In January

Although he began his first ongoing comic series only earlier this year, writer Robert Venditti will take on a second ongoing beginning in January. DC Comics has announced Venditti will replace writer Paul Cornell on "Demon Knights" starting with issue #16. According to The Source, Venditti will join artist Bernard Change for an arc that picks up 30 years after the events of "Demon Knights" #15.

"With 'Demon Knights,' writer Paul Cornell built a rich world and populated it with unique characters that any writer would want to get their hands on," Venditti told The Source. "Add to that a chance for me to work with artist Bernard Chang, and it was really a no-brainer. When editor Chris Conroy reached out to me, my first thought was, where do I sign?

"'Demon Knights' is unlike any other series on the stands, and I'm going to do my best to continue that," the writer continued. "For the next few issues, readers will find the team -- if such a disparate band of misfits can be called a "team" -- battling an enemy that reaches far back into the history of the DC Universe. And it's going to be a battle from which everyone will emerge changed in profound ways."

The writer further expressed his excitement on Twitter, saying, "Really looking forward to writing in the amazing world Paul Cornell imagined. He's left some big shoes to fill. ... And SUPER excited to have the chance to work with Bernard Chang. A great guy and amazingly talented."

Venditti, known for his work on Valiant's "X-O Manowar" relaunch and his creator-owned comic "The Surrogates," comes on to "Demon Knights" as the latest in a series of creative shake-ups in the New 52, which include a number of artistic replacements and shuffles. However, Cornell's "Demon Knights" exit is the first writing shake-up in recent memory with the exception of Rob Liefeld's very public exodus from DC in August. No word as of yet whether Cornell will continue his time at DC on another New 52 title.

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